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What Happened in 1860

Important Events in 1860

  • Apr 13 1st Pony Express reaches Sacramento, California
  • Jun 30 Famous debate on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution held at the Oxford University Museum and dominated by arguments between Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce
  • Nov 6 Republican Abraham Lincoln of Illinois elected the 16th President of the United States of America
  • Dec 28 Harriet Tubman arrives in Auburn, New York, on her last mission to free slaves, having evaded capture for 8 years on the Underground Railroad

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1860 in Sport

  • Oct 17 1st British Open Men's Golf, Prestwick GC: Willie Park Sr. wins inaugural event by 2 strokes from fellow Scot Tom Morris Sr
  • Dec 26 First ever inter-club football match between Hallam F.C. and Sheffield F.C. at Sandygate Road ground in Sheffield, England

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The first British seagoing iron-clad warship, HMS Warrior is launched

On December 29, 1860

Famous People in 1860

World Leaders in 1860

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11-year-old Grace Bedell writes to Abraham Lincoln telling him to grow a beard

On October 15, 1860

Famous Weddings in 1860

  • May 22 Major General George McClellan (33) weds Mary Ellen at Calvary Church in NYC, New York
  • Nov 11 1st Jewish wedding in Buenos Aires Argentina