What Happened in 1872

Important Events

  • Jan 12 Yohannes IV is crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in Axum, the first imperial coronation in that city in over 200 years.
  • Feb 20 New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art opens
  • Mar 1 Yellowstone becomes the world's first national park
  • Apr 12 Jesse James gang robs bank in Columbia, Kentucky (1 dead/$1,500)
  • Nov 7 Cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from Staten Island for Genoa; mysteriously found abandoned four weeks later
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1872 in Sport

  • Mar 16 1st English FA Cup Final, Kennington Oval, London: Wanderers defeat Royal Engineers, 1-0; Morton Betts scores winner
  • Nov 30 First international soccer game, Scotland draws with England (0-0) in Glasgow

Did You Know?

Ship the Mary Celeste is discovered mysteriously abandoned by her crew in the Atlantic Ocean

On December 5, 1872

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