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What Happened in 1878

Important Events in 1878

  • Feb 19 Thomas Edison is granted a patent for his gramophone (phonograph)
  • Jun 13 Congress of Berlin begins, determines the territories of the states in the Balkan peninsula following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78

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1878 in Film & TV

  • Jun 15 World's first moving pictures caught on camera (used 12 cameras, each taking 1 picture) done to see if all 4 of a horse's hooves leave the ground

1878 in Music

  • May 25 W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's comic opera "H.M.S. Pinafore" premieres in London, their first international success

1878 in Sport

  • Feb 11 1st US bicycle club, Boston Bicycle Club, forms

Famous People in 1878

World Leaders in 1878

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British physician Dr. Charles Drysdale warns against the use of tobacco in a letter to The Times newspaper in one of the earliest public health announcements on the dangers of smoking

On September 25, 1878

Famous Weddings in 1878

  • Mar 20 53rd UK Prime Minister Archibald Primrose (31) weds heiress Hannah de Rothschild (27) at the Board of Guardians in Mount Street, London
  • Dec 4 Novelist Bram Stoker (31) weds Florence Balcombe (20) in Dublin, Ireland