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What Happened in 1882

Historical Events in 1882

  • Jan 2 Because of anti-monopoly laws, Standard Oil is organized as a trust
  • Jan 13 Richard Wagner completes his opera "Parsifal"
  • Jan 15 1st US ski club forms (Berlin NH)
  • Jan 17 1st Dutch female physician Aletta Jacobs opens her office
  • Jan 25 Bilu, a Russian Zionist organization, forms
  • Jan 26 France government of Gambetta falls
  • Feb 3 Circus owner P. T. Barnum buys his world-famous elephant Jumbo
  • Feb 6 The society of the Knights of Columbus forms in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Feb 7 Last bare knuckle champion John L. Sullivan KOs Paddy Ryan in Miss
  • Feb 10 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's opera "Snyegurochka" premieres in St Petersburg

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1882 in Music

1882 in Sport

  • Aug 29 Australia beat England by 7 runs - "Death of English cricket"
  • Oct 6 1st World Series Baseball Game 1: Cincinnati Red Stockings (AA) beat Chicago White Stockings (NL), 4-0 at Bank Street Grounds, Cincinnati

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Queen Victoria narrowly escapes assassination when Roderick Maclean shoots at her while boarding a train in Windsor

On March 2, 1882

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