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Important Events in 1894

  • Aug 25 Japanese scientist Shibasaburo Kitasato discovers the infectious agent of the bubonic plague and publishes his findings in The Lancet
  • Nov 1 Vaccine for diphtheria announced by Dr Roux of Paris

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1894 in Music

  • Mar 16 Jules Massenet's opera "Thaïs" premieres in Paris, includes piece “Méditation” for violin and orchestra
  • Dec 22 Claude Debussy's first orchestral masterpiece "Prélude à l'apres-midi d'un faune" premieres in Paris

1894 in Sport

  • Jan 27 1st college basketball game, University of Chicago beats Chicago YMCA 19-11
  • Mar 13 J L Johnstone of England invents horse racing starting gate
  • Jun 23 The International Olympic Committee is founded at the Sorbonne, Paris, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin
  • Dec 20 England beat Australia by 10 runs in the 1st six-day Test Cricket, Australia needed 177 to win, all out at 166 on 6th day

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Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time in a candy store in Vicksburg, Mississippi

On March 12, 1894

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