What Happened in 1902

Significant Events

  • Apr 20 Marie and Pierre Curie isolate the radioactive element radium chloride
  • May 8 Mount PelĂ©e on the French overseas island of Martinique erupts, wiping out the city of Saint-Pierre, killing 30,000 and leaving only two survivors
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Brooklyn toymaker Morris Michton names the teddy bear after US President Teddy Roosevelt

On November 18, 1902

World Leaders in 1902

Famous People in 1902

Would You Believe?

Denmark is first country to adopt fingerprinting to identify criminals

On April 18, 1902

Famous Weddings

  • Feb 11 US military leader George Marshall (22) weds Elizabeth Carter Coles in San Antonio, Texas
  • Mar 9 Composer Gustav Mahler marries Alma Schindler in Vienna
  • Apr 10 Physicist Robert A. Millikan (34) weds Greta Blanchard
  • Jul 1 British admiral John Jellicoe (42) weds Gwendoline Cayzer at Holy Trinity in London
  • Aug 16 Filmmaker Cecil B DeMille (21) weds actress Constance Adams (28) in Orange, New Jersey