What Happened in July 1903

Historical Events

  • Jul 1 1st Tour de France: Inaugural race begins in Montgeron, a south-eastern suburb of Paris
  • Jul 1 20th Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Dorothea Chambers beats Ethel Larcombe 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, the first of 7 titles
  • Jul 1 27th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Laurence Doherty beats Frank Riseley 7-5, 6-3, 6-0 for his second consecutive title
  • Jul 2 National League MLB batting champion Ed Delahanty, disappears after being removed from a train by force, found dead at bottom of Niagara Falls 2 weeks later
  • Jul 2 Pitcher Jack Doscher, debuts for the Chicago Cubs, the first son of a major leaguer to play MLB, father Herm 1882-92

CommunicationHistoric Communication

Jul 4 Pacific Cable (San Francisco, Hawaii, Guam, Philipines) opens, President Theodore Roosevelt sends a message

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
  • Jul 6 George Wyman arrives in NYC by motorcycle 51 days out of San Francisco
  • Jul 17 The Russian Social Democratic Workers Party meets, first in Brussels and then London because their leaders have been forced into exile by the Russian Government
  • Jul 19 1st Tour de France: French rider Maurice Garin wins inaugural event
  • Jul 20 Giuseppe Sarto elected Pope Pius X, known as the 'pope of the poor and humble'
  • Jul 25 Castle on top of Telegraph Hil, San Francisco closes
  • Jul 26 1st automobile trip across the United States (San Francisco to New York) completed by Horatio Nelson Jackson and Sewall K. Crocker

Famous Birthdays

Person of interestAmy Johnson

Jul 1 Amy Johnson, British pilot, first female pilot to fly alone Britain to Australia, born in Kingston upon Hull, England (d. 1941)

Aviator Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
  • Jul 1 Beatrix Lehmann, British actress (Candles at Nine, Staircase), born in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, England (d. 1979)

Person of interestAlec Douglas-Home

Jul 2 Alec Douglas-Home, British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1963-64), born in London (d. 1995)

British Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home
British Prime Minister
Alec Douglas-Home
  • Jul 2 Olav AFEC of Schleswig-Holstein-S-G, King Olav V of Norway (1957-91)
  • Jul 4 Flor Peeters, Antwerp Belgium, organist/composer (Lied Symphony)
  • Jul 5 Irwin Fischer, composer
  • Jul 6 Axel Theorell, Swedish biochemist, studied enzymes (Nobel 1955)
  • Jul 10 John Wyndham P L B Harris, American sci-fi author (Day of the Triffids)
  • Jul 11 Sidney Franklin, American bullfighter (d. 1976)
  • Jul 13 Kenneth Clark, English art historian (d. 1983)
  • Jul 14 Irving Stone, American author (Love is Eternal, Lust for Life)
  • Jul 14 Ken Murray, American comedian (Ken Murray Show, Judy Garland Show), born in NYC, New York
  • Jul 15 Kumaraswami Kamaraj, Indian politician (d. 1975)
  • Jul 16 Carmen Lombardo, Canadian musician (d. 1971)
  • Jul 17 Valerian Mikhaylovich Bogdanov-Berezovsky, Russian composer, born in Starozhilovka (d. 1971)
  • Jul 18 Bozidar Kunc, composer
  • Jul 20 Jef van de Wiele, Belgian politician
  • Jul 21 Theodore Karyotakis, composer
  • Jul 21 Roy Neuberger, American financier
  • Jul 24 Robert Mills Delaney, composer
  • Jul 25 Andre Fleury, composer
  • Jul 26 Donald Voorhees, conductor (Bell Telephone Hour), born in Allentown, Pennsylvania
  • Jul 27 Clive Martin Douglas, composer
  • Jul 27 Nikolai Cherkasov, Russian actor (Ivan the Terrible), born in St Petersburg, Russia (d. 1966)
  • Jul 27 Michail Stasinopoulos, Greek politician (d. 2002)
  • Jul 29 Diana Vreeland, French-American fashion editor (Harper's Bazaar, Vogue), born in Paris (d. 1989)

Famous Deaths

  • Jul 2 Ed Delahanty, American Baseball Hall of Fame left fielder (NL batting champion 1899, 1902), dies at Niagara Falls at 35
  • Jul 7 Ferreira Veiga, Viscount d' Arneiro, composer, dies at 64
  • Jul 7 Jose Augusto da Ferreira Veiga, composer, dies at 64
  • Jul 9 Alphonse Fran├žois Renard, Belgian geologist (b. 1842)
  • Jul 13 August Reissmann, composer, dies at 77
  • Jul 17 James A McNeill Whistler, US/British writer (Bride Tomorrow), dies at 69
  • Jul 20 Leo XIII, [Vincenzo G Pecci], Pope (1878-1903), dies at 93
  • Jul 22 Cassius Marcellus Clay, American emancipationist (b. 1810)
  • Jul 30 Servas Daems, [Peeter Klein], Flem writer (Wheelbarrows), dies at 65