What Happened in 1904

Significant Events

  • Feb 9 Japanese land troops at Chemulpo (Inchon), near Seoul, Korea; within the next three weeks they will have advanced to the Yalu River, border of Manchuria
  • Feb 23 United States acquires control of the Panama Canal Zone for $10 million
  • Feb 29 Theodore Roosevelt, appoints 7-man Panama Canal Commission to proceed with completing a canal at the Isthmus
  • Apr 27 The Australian Labor Party under Prime Minister Chris Watson becomes the first Labor government in the world
  • May 4 Construction begins by the United States on the Panama Canal.
  • May 21 Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) forms in Paris
  • Jun 16 Bloomsday (date of events in James Joyce's Ulysses)
  • Jul 21 After 13 years, the 4,607-mile Trans-Siberian railway is completed
  • Oct 28 St Louis police try a new investigation method - fingerprints
  • Nov 15 King C. Gillette patents the Gillette razor blade
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Did You Know?

Ice cream cone created during St Louis World Fair - the 1st cone reputedly by Charles E. Menches

On July 23, 1904

World Leaders in 1904

Famous People in 1904

Would You Believe?

First section of New York subway - Lower Manhattan to Broadway Harlem, opened by Interborough Rapid Transit (IRT), fare one nickel

On October 27, 1904

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