What Happened in 1920

Important Events

  • Jan 16 1st assembly of the League of Nations is held in Paris
  • Mar 10 Home Rule Act passed by the British Parliament, dividing Ireland into two parts; it is rejected by the southern counties, where the Ango-Irish war continues for a year
  • Mar 19 US Senate rejects Treaty of Versailles for 2nd time refusing to ratify League of Nations' covenant (maintaining isolation policy)
  • Mar 31 British parliament accepts Irish Home Rule law
  • Apr 20 Balfour Declaration recognized, makes Palestine a British Mandate
  • Apr 26 Harlow Shapley and Heber D. Curtis hold "great debate" on the nature of nebulae, galaxies and size of the universe at US National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.
  • May 16 Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'arc) canonized a saint
  • Aug 18 22 year old representative Harry T. Burn is deciding vote in Tennessee's and thus America's ratification of the 19th Amendment to the constitution allowing women's suffrage after letter from his mother
  • Nov 14 The Russian Bolshevik army occupies Sebastopol, ending anti-communist attempts to regain the government of Russia
  • Dec 13 League of nations establishes the International Court of Justice in The Hague
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1920 in Sport

  • Jan 4 1st Black baseball league, National Negro Baseball League, organizes
  • Aug 20 American Professional Football Association forms, which would later become the National Football League (NFL)
  • Sep 22 Chicago grand jury convenes to investigate charges that 8 White Sox players conspired to fix the 1919 World Series

Did You Know?

"The Mask of Zorro" directed by Fred Niblo and starring Douglas Fairbanks is shown in New York - 1st American superhero film

On November 27, 1920

World Leaders in 1920

Famous People in 1920

Would You Believe?

Reds' Edd Roush falls asleep in center during long infield argument Heinie Groh goes to wake him, but umpire ejects Roush for delay of game

On June 8, 1920

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

  • Mar 2 Actress Mary Pickford (27) divorces actor Owen Moore (33) after 9 years of marriage
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Famous Deaths

  • Jan 1 Paul Adam, French writer (L'enfant d'Austerlitz), dies at 57
  • Jan 3 Zygmunt Janiszewski, Polish mathematician, dies at 31
  • Jan 4 Benito Pérez Galdós, Spanish novelist (Episodios Nacionales), dies at 76
  • Jan 7 Edmund Barton, 1st Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1849)
  • Jan 14 John Francis Dodge, American automobile pioneer (Co-Founder of Dodge Brothers Company), dies at 5
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