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What Happened in 1926

Important Events in 1926

  • Oct 19 Russian Politburo throws out Leon Trotsky and his followers
  • Nov 22 Imperial Conference ends, giving autonomy inside British Commonwealth

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1926 in Film & TV

  • Jan 26 John Logie Baird gives the first public demonstration of television in his laboratory in London
  • Aug 6 "Don Juan" starring John Barrymore is released by Warner Bros, the 1st feature-length film to utilize the Vitaphone sound-on-disc sound system with a synchronized musical score and sound effects
  • Aug 18 Weather map televised for 1st time
  • Oct 9 NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) forms

1926 in Music

1926 in Sport

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A. A. Milne's book "Winnie the Pooh" released

On October 14, 1926

World Leaders in 1926

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Harry Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1½ hrs before escaping

On August 5, 1926

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