What Happened in July 1930

Historical Events

  • Jul 1 Great Britain signs accord for Independence of Iraq
  • Jul 3 US Veterans Administration created

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 4 43rd Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Helen Moody beats Elizabeth Ryan (6-2 6-2)

Tennis Player Elizabeth Ryan
Tennis Player
Elizabeth Ryan
  • Jul 5 50th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Bill Tilden beats W Allison (6-3 9-7 6-4)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 7 Construction begins on Boulder (Hoover) Dam

31st US President Herbert Hoover
31st US President
Herbert Hoover

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 11 Bradman scores 309 in a day vs England at Leeds, goes on to 334

Cricket Legend Donald Bradman
Cricket Legend
Donald Bradman
  • Jul 12 34th US Golf Open: Robert T "Bobby" Jones wins
  • Jul 12 Bradman out for 334 in test cricket at Headingley for Australia, 383 mins, 46 fours
  • Jul 13 1st-ever football (soccer) World Cup competition begins in Uruguay
  • Jul 13 David Sarnoff reports in NY Times "TV would be a theater in every home"
  • Jul 18 SHO soccer team forms in Old Beijerland

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 19 Richard E. Byrd, Laurence McKinley Gould, and their polar expedition team return to the United States following the first exploration of the interior of Antarctica

Aviator and Polar Explorer Richard E. Byrd
Aviator and Polar Explorer
Richard E. Byrd
  • Jul 20 106°F (41°C), Washington, D.C. (district record)
  • Jul 21 110°F (43°C) at Millsboro, Delaware (state record)
  • Jul 21 US Veterans Administration forms
  • Jul 23 Earthquake strikes Ariano Italy, 1,500 killed
  • Jul 23 Pitts Pie Traynor ends both games with HRs (1st in 9th, 2nd in 13th)
  • Jul 25 Philadelphia Athletics triple steal in 1st & 4th innings vs Cleveland
  • Jul 27 25th Davis Cup: France beats USA in Paris (4-1)
  • Jul 27 24th Tour de France won by Andre Leducq of France
  • Jul 28 114°F (46°C), Greensburg, Kentucky (state record)
  • Jul 29 115°F (46°C), Holly Springs, Mississippi (state record)
  • Jul 29 Airship R100, 1st passenger-carrying flight from England to Canada
  • Jul 30 1st broadcast of "Death Valley Days" on NBC-radio
  • Jul 30 Uruguay beats Argentina 4-2 for association football's 1st FIFA World Cup in Montevideo

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 31 Lou Gehrig grand slams as Yanks beat Red Sox 14-13

Baseball Player Lou Gehrig
Baseball Player
Lou Gehrig

Famous Birthdays

  • Jul 1 Andreas JAI Bruggeman, Dutch mayor (Schipluiden/Leiderdorp)
  • Jul 1 Moustapha Akkad, Syrian-American filmmaker (d. 2005)
  • Jul 1 Margaret A Brewer, American soldier, in Durand Michigan, first female General officer in US Marine Corps. (d. 2013)
  • Jul 2 Carlos Saul Menem, President of Argentina (1989- )
  • Jul 3 Carlos Kleiber, conductor (Bavarian State Orch 1968), born in Berlin, Germany
  • Jul 3 Pete Fountain, jazz clarinetist (Lawrence Welk TV show 1957-59), born in New Orleans, Louisiana (d. 2016)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jul 4 George Steinbrenner, American businessman and owner of the NY Yankees, born in Rocky River, Ohio (d. 2010)

New York Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner
New York Yankees Owner
George Steinbrenner
  • Jul 4 Frunzik Mkrtchyan, Armenian actor
  • Jul 4 Yuri Tyukalov, Soviet Olympic rower
  • Jul 5 Tommy Cook, actor (Missile to the Moon), born in Duluth, Minnesota
  • Jul 5 Yutaka Makino, composer
  • Jul 6 Francoise Mallet-Joris, [F Lilar], Belgian writer (Signs & Wonders)
  • Jul 6 Hans-Jürgen Heise, German writer, born in Bublitz (d. 2013)
  • Jul 7 Hank Mobley, US jazz saxophonist
  • Jul 8 Valeri Aleksandrovich Yazdovsky, Russian cosmonaut
  • Jul 9 Buddy Bregman, orchestra leader (Eddie Fisher Show), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Jul 9 Roy McLean, cricketer (prolific South African batsman played 40 Tests)
  • Jul 10 Jacques Klein, Brazilian pianist
  • Jul 11 Gregory C Bell, Terre Haute Ind, long jumper (Olympic gold 1956)
  • Jul 11 John Alabaster, cricketer (NZ most prolific leg-spinner with 49 wkts)
  • Jul 11 Harold Bloom, American literary critic
  • Jul 12 Gordon Pinsent, Canadian actor, director, and writer
  • Jul 14 Eric Norman Stokes, composer
  • Jul 14 Polly Bergen, actress (Rhoda-Winds of War, Baby Talk), born in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Jul 15 Charles Kelly, chief constable (Staffordshire England)
  • Jul 15 Jacques Derrida, French philosopher (d. 2004)
  • Jul 15 Stephen Smale, American mathematician
  • Jul 16 John Everett Watts, composer
  • Jul 16 Michael Bilirakis, (Rep-R-Florida, 1983- )
  • Jul 17 Ryohei Hirose, composer
  • Jul 18 Siegfried Kurz, composer
  • Jul 18 Burt Kwouk, English actor (Pink Panther movies), born in Warrington (d. 2016)
  • Jul 20 Arthur U Spronken, sculptor
  • Jul 20 Sally Ann Howes, actress (Dead of Night), born in London, England
  • Jul 20 Yuri Petrovich Artyukin, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 14)
  • Jul 21 Gene Alec Littler, PGA golfer (1961 US Open), born in San Diego, California
  • Jul 21 Anand Bakshi, Indian lyricist (d. 2002)
  • Jul 22 Leoncjusz Ciuciura, composer
  • Jul 22 Marcia Henderson, Andover Mass, actress (Kathleen-Aldrich Family)
  • Jul 24 Boris Nikolayevich Belousov, cosmonaut
  • Jul 24 Charles Hambro, English banker/multi-millionaire/CEO (Hambros)
  • Jul 24 Jacqueline Brookes, actress (Jack & Mike, Another World), born in Montclair, New Jersey
  • Jul 25 Maureen Forrester, contralto (Ressurection Symphony), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • Jul 25 Murray Chapple, New Zealand cricketer (NZ Test batsman through the 1950's), born in Christchurch, New Zealand (d. 1985)
  • Jul 25 Alice Parizeau, Polish-born Quebec writer and essayist (d. 1990)
  • Jul 25 Annie Ross, British jazz singer
  • Jul 26 Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes
  • Jul 27 Ronald Dearing, chairman (British Post Office)
  • Jul 27 Shirley Williams, co-founder (Social Democratic Party)/labour minister
  • Jul 27 Andy [Andrew] White, Scottish drummer, drummed on early Beatles records ("Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You"), born in Glasgow (d. 2015)
  • Jul 28 Jean Roba, Belgian comics author (Boule et Bill), born in Schaerbeek, Belgium (d. 2006)
  • Jul 28 David "Junior" Kimbrough, American bluesman, born in Hudsonville, Mississippi (d. 1998)
  • Jul 29 Paul Taylor, dancer/choreographer (Paul Taylor Dance Company) [or 6/5]
  • Jul 30 Thomas Sowell, author/activist
  • Jul 30 Tony Lip, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, actor (Sopranos, Donnie Brasco, Good Fellas), (d. 2013)
  • Jul 31 Oleg Popov, Russian clown and circus artist, born in Vyrubovo, Moscow (d. 2016)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Jul 14 1st Filipino President Emilio Aguinaldo (61) weds second wife Maria Agoncillo (51) at Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan

Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines Emilio Aguinaldo
Revolutionary and 1st President of the Philippines
Emilio Aguinaldo

Famous Deaths

  • Jul 2 Anders Randolf, actor (Love of Sunya, Dangerous Curves), dies at 59
  • Jul 2 Andres Randolf, Danish-American actor (The Kiss), dies at 59

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jul 7 Arthur Conan Doyle, British writer (Sherlock Holmes), dies at 71

  • Jul 14 W H Ashley, cricketer (Test South Africa, 7 wkts), dies
  • Jul 15 Leopold von Auer, Hungarian/US violinist, dies
  • Jul 19 Robert Stout, NZ prime minister (1884-87), dies at 85
  • Jul 23 Glenn Hammond Curtiss, aviation pioneer/airplane builder, dies at 52
  • Jul 29 Alexander von Fielitz, composer, dies at 69
  • Jul 30 Joan Gamper, Swiss-Catalan businessman and founder of FC Barcelona (b. 1877)