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What Happened in 1935

Important Events in 1935

  • Apr 14 Black Sunday: Severe dust storm ravages the US Midwest, led to the region being named "the Dust Bowl"
  • May 31 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Quetta in Balochistan, British Raj (Pakistan) killing an estimated 50,000 people
  • Jul 30 1st Penguin book is published, starting the paperback revolution
  • Oct 3 Italy invades Ethiopia, starting the Second Italo-Ethiopian War
  • Oct 20 Communist forces end their Long March at Yan'an, in Shaanxi, China, bringing Mao Zedong to prominence
  • Nov 22 Flying boat "China Clipper" takes off from Alameda, California, carrying 100,000 pieces of mail on 1st trans-Pacific airmail flight
  • Nov 29 Physicist Erwin Schrödinger publishes his famous thought experiment "Schrödinger's cat", a paradox that illustrates the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics

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1935 in Sport

  • May 24 1st major league night baseball game, in Cincinnati (Reds 2, Philadelphia 1)
  • May 25 Track and field athlete Jesse Owens equals or breaks 4 world records in 45 minutes at a Big Ten meet at Ferry Field in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Remembered as "the greatest 45 minutes ever in sport".
  • Jun 2 Babe Ruth, 40, announces his retirement as a player

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Leonarde Keeler first uses his polygraph machine on criminals later convicted of assault on its findings in Portage, Wisconsin

On February 2, 1935

Famous People in 1935

World Leaders in 1935

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"Variety" publishes famous headline "Sticks Nix Hick Pix"

On July 17, 1935

Famous Weddings in 1935

  • Apr 10 Nazi politician Hermann Goering (42) weds Emmy Sonnemann (42) in Berlin
  • Apr 14 PGA golfer Ben Hogan (22) weds Valerie Fox in Cleburne, Texas
  • May 24 Swedish princess Ingrid marries Danish crown prince Frederik (IX)

Famous Divorces in 1935

  • Apr 12 Actress Mary Astor (28) divorces Dr. Franklyn Thorpe after 4 years of marriage

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