What Happened in 1936

Significant Events

  • Jan 4 Billboard magazine publishes its 1st music hit parade
  • Feb 5 "Modern Times", silent film directed by, written by and starring Charlie Chaplin, is released
  • Mar 4 1st flight of the airship Hindenburg at Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • Mar 7 Hitler breaks Treaty of Versailles, sends troops to Rhineland
  • May 28 Alan Turing submits "On Computable Numbers" for publication, in which he set out the theoretical basis for modern computers.
  • Jul 17 Spanish generals Francisco Franco and Emilio Mola lead a right-wing uprising, starting the Spanish Civil War
  • Jul 18 Spanish Civil War : General Francisco Franco issues manifesto and leds uprising with army in Morocco
  • Aug 1 Adolf Hitler opens 11th Olympic Games in Berlin
  • Dec 10 Edward VIII signs Instrument of Abdication, giving up the British throne to marry American divoree Wallis Simpson
  • Dec 11 Edward VIII announces in a radio broadcast that he is abdicating the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson
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Did You Know?

1st radioactive substance produced synthetically (radium E)

On February 4, 1936

World Leaders in 1936

Famous People in 1936

Would You Believe?

The last surviving member of the thylacine species, Benjamin, dies alone in her cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania.

On September 7, 1936

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 1 Actor Paul Henreid (27) weds Elizabeth Camilla Julia Gluck
  • Jan 10 Actor Burgess Meredith (28) weds actress Margaret Perry (22)
  • Feb 2 Physicist Emilio G. Segrè (31) weds jewish woman Elfriede Spiro at the Great Synagogue of Rome in Italy
  • Jun 9 Novelist and journalist George Orwell (33) weds Eileen Maud O'Shaugnessy (30) at St. Mary's Church
  • Jun 14 Singer and cowboy actor Roy Rogers (24) weds Arlene Wilkins in Roswell, New Mexico

Famous Divorces

  • Jan 10 Actress Mary Pickford (44) divorces actor Douglas Fairbanks (52) after 15 years of marriage
  • Mar 2 Film director D. W. Griffith (61) divorces Linda Arvidson (50) after 30 years of marriage
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