What Happened in 1946

Significant Events

  • Jan 10 UN General Assembly meets for 1st time in London
  • Jan 17 United Nations Security Council holds its 1st meeting
  • Jan 22 US President Harry Truman sets up the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Feb 24 General Juan PerĂ³n first elected President of Argentina
  • Mar 2 Ho Chi Minh elected President of North Vietnam
  • Mar 5 Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech in Fulton, Missouri, popularizes the term and draws attention to the division of Europe
  • Mar 28 Cold War: The United States State Department releases the Acheson-Lilienthal Report, outlining a plan for the international control of nuclear power.
  • May 22 First US rocket (WAC Corporal) to reach edge of space fired from White Sands Missile Range New Mexico
  • Aug 16 Direct Action Day: Widespread riots erupt in Calcutta between Muslims and Hindus over whether Pakistan should be a separate state, killing over 4,000 and leaving 100,000 homeless
  • Sep 30 22 Nazi leaders found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg
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On July 5, 1946

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