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What Happened in 1964

Important Events in 1964

  • Jan 11 First government report by US Surgeon General Luther Terry warning that smoking may be hazardous
  • Jun 1 Kenya becomes a republic with Jomo Kenyatta as its 1st President

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1964 in Film & TV

1964 in Music

  • Sep 17 Beatles are paid a then record $150,000 for a concert (Kansas)
  • Dec 9 John Coltrane's Quartet records their greatest work "A Love Supreme" at Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

1964 in Sport

  • Mar 6 Boxing legend Cassius Clay joins the Nation of Islam and changes his name to "Muhammad Ali", calling his former title a "slave name"
  • Jul 14 51st Tour de France: Jacques Anquetil of France wins 4th consecutive Tour and is first to claim 5 titles
  • Oct 25 Dutchman Anton Geesink is 1st non-Japanese Olympic judo gold medal winner
  • Nov 15 Mickey Wright shoots a 62, lowest golf score for a woman pro at the Tall City Open, Midland, Texas

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The Great Alaska Earthquake (9.2 magnitude) and resulting tsunami kill 139 people in the largest US earthquake and second largest ever recorded

On March 27, 1964

Famous People in 1964

World Leaders in 1964

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Prometheus, the world's oldest tree aged at least 4,862 years old, is accidentally cut down in Nevada, USA

On August 6, 1964

Famous Weddings in 1964

Famous Divorces in 1964

  • Mar 6 Actress Elizabeth Taylor's 4th divorce from entertainer Eddie Fisher
  • Jul 28 Broadway musical actress-singer Ethel Merman (56) divorces academy award-winning actor Ernest Borgnine (47) after 32 days of marriage

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