What Happened in February 1968

Historical Events

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 1 Former US VP Richard Nixon announces candidacy for president

37th US President Richard Nixon
37th US President
Richard Nixon

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 1 Vince Lombardi resigns as coach of Green Bay Packers

NFL Coach Vince Lombardi
NFL Coach
Vince Lombardi
  • Feb 1 World trade conference Unctad 2 opens in New Delhi

VietnamExecution of a Viet Cong Prisoner

Feb 1 Saigon police chief Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executes Viet Cong officer Nguyễn Văn Lém with a pistol shot to head. The execution is captured by photographer Eddie Adams and becomes an anti-war icon.
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  • Feb 2 Springer Publishers in West Berlin, bombed
  • Feb 4 "Golden Rainbow" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 355 performances
  • Feb 4 Bowie Kuhn replaces William Eckert as 5th commissioner of baseball
  • Feb 4 Around 100 Indians and Pakistanis from Kenya arrive in Britain, escaping discrimination
  • Feb 5 KDTV TV channel 39 in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 5 Skater Kees Verkerk wins olympic gold in the 1500m
  • Feb 5 A fishing trawler from Hull sinks off the coast of Iceland
  • Feb 6 10th Winter Olympic games opens in Grenoble, France
  • Feb 6 Dutch 2nd Chamber condemns US bombing of North Vietnam

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 6 Former President Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole-in-one

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Feb 6 KESD TV channel 8 in Brookings, SD (PBS) begins broadcasting

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 7 Arthur Miller's "Price" premieres in NYC

Playwright Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller

  • Feb 7 Belgium government of Vanden Boeynants falls
  • Feb 7 WLED TV channel 49 in Littleton, NH (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 8 Officers kill 3 students demonstrating in SC State (Orangeburg)
  • Feb 8 "Planet of the Apes" premieres in New York City
  • Feb 9 Rotterdam metro opened by Princess Beatrix
  • Feb 10 "Spooky" by Classics IV hits #3
  • Feb 10 Peggy Fleming wins Olympic figure skating gold medal, Grenoble, France
  • Feb 11 Israeli-Jordan border fight
  • Feb 11 Jeffrey Kramer survives 76-m jump, Washington Bridge, Hudson River New York
  • Feb 11 Madison Square Garden III closes Madison Square Garden IV opens (NYC)

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

Feb 12 25th Golden Globes: "In the Heat of the Night", Rod Steiger, & Edith Evans win

  • Feb 13 US sends 10,500 additional soldiers to Vietnam
  • Feb 14 Pennsylvania Railroad and NYC Central merge into Pennsylvania Central
  • Feb 14 WHKY TV channel 14 in Hickory, NC (IND) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 15 Anaheim's Les Salvage scores 10, 3-pt baskets in ABA game vs Denver
  • Feb 15 WVUT TV channel 22 in Vincennes, IN (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Feb 16 US 1st 911 phone system goes into service in Haleyville, Alabama

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 16 Elvis Presley receives a gold record for "How Great Thou Art"

Singer & Cultural Icon Elvis Presley
Singer & Cultural Icon
Elvis Presley

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 16 Beatles George Harrison, John Lennon and their wives fly to India for transcendental meditation study with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Singer-Songwriter George Harrison
George Harrison
Musician and Beatle John Lennon
Musician and Beatle
John Lennon
  • Feb 17 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusetts opens
  • Feb 18 Thousands of people in West Berlin demonstrate against US involvement in the Vietnam War
  • Feb 18 10th Winter Olympic games close at Grenoble, France
  • Feb 18 Britain commences a trial of year-round daylight saving time (BST - British Standard Time, one hour ahead of GMT)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 18 David Gilmour joins rock group Pink Floyd

Rock Bassist and Vocalist Roger Waters
Rock Bassist and Vocalist
Roger Waters
Singer-songwriter and Producer David Gilmour
Singer-songwriter and Producer
David Gilmour
  • Feb 19 1st US teachers' strike (Florida)

  • Feb 19 "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" debuts on NET (now PBS)
  • Feb 20 State troopers used tear gas to stop demonstration at Alcorn A & M
  • Feb 21 150,000 demonstrate against leftist students in West Berlin
  • Feb 21 Baseball announces a minimum annual salary of $10,000
  • Feb 22 Rock group Genesis release their 1st record "Silent Sun"

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 23 Wilt Chamberlain becomes 1st NBAer to score 25,000 points

NBA Legend Wilt Chamberlain
NBA Legend
Wilt Chamberlain
  • Feb 24 "Darling of the Day" closes at George Abbott NYC after 31 performances
  • Feb 24 Discovery of 1st pulsar announced (CP 1919 by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish)
  • Feb 24 Gary Unger begins NHL consecutive game record of 914 games
  • Feb 24 US troops reconquer Hue Vietnam
  • Feb 25 430 Unification Church couples wed in Korea
  • Feb 25 Makarios re-elected president of Cyprus
  • Feb 25 10th Daytona 500: Cale Yarborough wins (143.251 MPH)
  • Feb 26 Clandestine Radio Voice of Iraqi People (Communist) final transmission

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 27 CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite delivers a scathing editorial on America's chances of winning the Vietnam War

Broadcast Journalist Walter Cronkite
Broadcast Journalist
Walter Cronkite
  • Feb 28 Pirate Radio Hauraki, on a boat floating off coast of NZ, returns to the air
  • Feb 29 1st pulsar announced (CP 1919 by Jocelyn Burnell at Cambridge)
  • Feb 29 Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" wins Grammy Award for Album of the Year, the first rock LP to do so

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Feb 29 Howard Hanson's 6th Symphony, premieres

Composer and Conductor Howard Hanson
Composer and Conductor
Howard Hanson
  • Feb 29 US end regular flights with nuclear bombs
  • Feb 29 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Feb 29 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Comm) reports against racism & demands aid given to blacks

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 106

  • Feb 1 George Quigley Jr, skeet (Olympics 1996), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Feb 1 Javier Sanchez, Spanish tennis star
  • Feb 1 Kent Mercker, Dublin OH, pitcher (Atlanta Braves, Balt Orioles)

Person of interestLisa Marie Presley

Feb 1 Lisa Marie Presley Keough Jackson, daughter of Elvis, born in Memphis, Tennessee

Princess of Rock and Roll Lisa Marie Presley
Princess of Rock and Roll
Lisa Marie Presley
  • Feb 1 Mark Recchi, Kamloops, NHL right wing (Montreal Canadiens)
  • Feb 1 Pauly Shore, comedian (Totally Pauly, Encino Man), born in Hollywood, California
  • Feb 1 Sean Millington, CFL fullback (BC Lions)
  • Feb 2 Paul McKenzie, Australian Finn class sailor (Olympics 1996)
  • Feb 2 Sari Krooks, ice hockey right wing (Finland, Olympics 1998)
  • Feb 2 Scott Erickson, pitcher (Minnesota Twins, Balt Orioles), born in Long Beach, California
  • Feb 2 Sean Elliott, NBA forward (San Antonio Spurs)
  • Feb 2 Steve Henson, NBA guard (Detroit Pistons)
  • Feb 2 Ventson Donelson, CFL cornerback (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
  • Feb 2 Simon Wickham-Smith, composer and Mongolist
  • Feb 3 Frantisek Kucera, NHL defenseman (Vanc Canucks, Olympic gold 1998), born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Feb 3 Leroy Thompson, NFL running back (KC Chiefs)
  • Feb 3 Mark Koevermans, Netherlands, tennis star
  • Feb 3 Vlade Divac, Yugoslavia, NBA center (Charlotte Hornets, LA Lakers)
  • Feb 4 Kristen Marie, actress (Cheryl McKinnon-Another World)
  • Feb 4 Marko Matvere, Estonian actor
  • Feb 5 Chris Barron, rocker (Spin Doctors)
  • Feb 5 Regina Rajchitova, Czech, tennis star
  • Feb 5 Roberto Alomar, infielder (Baltimore Orioles), born in Salinas, Puerto Rico
  • Feb 5 Will Furrer, American football NFL quarterback (Houston Oilers, St Louis Rams), born in Danville, Pennsylvania
  • Feb 5 Nir Kabaretti, Israeli conductor
  • Feb 5 Eyþór Guðjónsson, Icelandic actor
  • Feb 6 Imtiaz Abbasi, UAE cricket wicket-keeper (World Cup 1996)
  • Feb 6 Malika Mahfoud, Copenhagen Denmark, golfer (Gippsland Ladies Amateur)
  • Feb 6 Richard Newbill, WLAF linebacker (London Monarchs)
  • Feb 6 Adolfo Valencia, Colombian footballer
  • Feb 6 Akira Yamaoka, Japanese composer
  • Feb 7 Ashely Allen, playmate (Aug, 1992), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • Feb 7 Martin Sinner, Koblenz Germany, tennis star (1990 Pretoria)
  • Feb 7 Peter Bondra, Lutsk Ukr, NHL right wing (Washington Capitals)
  • Feb 7 Sully Erna, American singer (Godsmack)
  • Feb 8 Gary Coleman, American actor (Diff'rent Strokes), born in Zion, llinois (d. 2010)
  • Feb 8 Joy Fawcett, soccer defender (Olympics 1996), born in Inglewood, California
  • Feb 8 Ron Goetz, CFL linebacker (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
  • Feb 8 Claudette Pace, Maltese singer
  • Feb 9 Derek Strong, NBA forward (LA Lakers, Orlando Magic)
  • Feb 9 Marcus Meloan, Agana Guam, Canadian Tour golfer (1992 US Amat Champ)
  • Feb 9 Paul Claxton, American professional golfer, born in Vidalia, Georgia
  • Feb 9 Alejandra Guzmán, Mexican singer
  • Feb 9 Rahul Roy, Indian actor
  • Feb 10 Peter Popovic, Swedish NHL defenseman (Montreal Canadiens), born in Köping, Sweden
  • Feb 10 Ryan Bowen, American baseball pitcher (Florida Marlins), born in Fort Madison, Iowa
  • Feb 10 Atika Suri, Indonesian television newscaster, born in Riau, Indonesia
  • Feb 11 Mo Willems, American author and screenwriter
  • Feb 12 Chynna Phillips, US vocalist (Wilson Philips-Hold On), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Feb 12 Josh Brolin, US actor (Johnny-Private Eye, Jimmy Hickok-Young Riders), born in Santa Monica, Canada
  • Feb 12 Todd Fanning, Canadian golfer (Manitoba Amat-1984, 90, 91, 92), born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Feb 12 Gregory Charles, French-Canadian performing artist, born in Montreal, Canada
  • Feb 12 Christopher McCandless, US nomad, subject of biography Into the Wild, born in El Segundo, California (d. 1992)
  • Feb 13 Matt Mieske, US baseball outfielder (Milwaukee Brewers), born in Midland, Michigan
  • Feb 14 Chris Lewis, cricketer (in Guyana England all-rounder)
  • Feb 14 Jules Asner, American television personality
  • Feb 15 Kurt Robin McKinney, US actor (Ned-General Hospital), born in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Feb 15 Axelle Red, Belgian singer and songwriter, born in Hasselt, Belgium
  • Feb 15 Mieke Suys, Belgian triathlete, born in Ghent, Belgium
  • Feb 16 Cecil Gray, NFL tackle (Arizona Cardinals), born in Harlem, New York
  • Feb 16 Erik Regtop, Dutch soccer player (SC Heerenveen), born in Schoonebeek, Netherlands
  • Feb 16 Warren Ellis, British comic book writer (Red), born in Essex, England
  • Feb 17 Bryan Cox, American NFL linebacker and coach (Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears), born in East St. Louis, Illinois
  • Feb 17 Celita Schutz, Riverdale NJ, half-middleweight judoka (Olympics 1996)
  • Feb 17 Patrick Uterwijk, pop guitarist (Pestilence, Consuming Impulse)
  • Feb 18 Molly Ringwald, Roseville California, actress (16 Candles, Pretty in Pink)
  • Feb 19 Frank Watkins, US heavy metalist bass (Obituary, Cause of Death)
  • Feb 19 Rob Dimaio, NHL right wing (Philadelphia Flyers), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • Feb 20 Bennie Goods, CFL defensive tackle (Edmonton Eskimos)
  • Feb 20 Lorraine Olivia, Geneva Ill, playmate (Nov, 1990)
  • Feb 20 Ted Hankey, English darts player
  • Feb 21 Pellom McDaniels, NFL defensive end (KC Chiefs)
  • Feb 21 Terry Allen, NFL running back (Minnesota Vikings, Wash Redskins)
  • Feb 22 Abeyratne Samarasekera, UAE cricket all-rounder (1996 World Cup)
  • Feb 22 Jayson Williams, NBA center (NJ Nets)
  • Feb 22 Jeri Ryan, actress (7 of 9-Star Trek Voyager)
  • Feb 22 Johanne Samarasekera, UAE cricket opening bowler (96 World Cup)
  • Feb 22 Reggie Rivers, NFL running back (Denver Broncos)
  • Feb 22 Shawn Graham, Canadian politician
  • Feb 22 Bradley Nowell, American ska musician (Sublime) (d. 1996)
  • Feb 22 James Allison, British Formula 1 Technical Director of Mercedes-AMG, born in Louth, Lincolnshire
  • Feb 23 Stephanie Seymour, American actress/model (Sunny Side Up), born in San Diego, California
  • Feb 24 John Velddman, soccer player (Sparta)
  • Feb 24 Vaughn Booker, NFL defensive end (KC Chiefs)
  • Feb 24 Mitch Hedberg, American comedian (d. 2005)
  • Feb 25 David Hulse, American baseball outfielder (Texas Rangers)
  • Feb 25 Evridiki, Greek Cypriot singer
  • Feb 26 Brendan Rogers, CFL linebacker (Toronto Argonauts)
  • Feb 26 Chris Green, NFL safety (Buffalo Bills)
  • Feb 26 J T Snow, infielder (NY Yankees, California Angels), born in Long Beach, California
  • Feb 26 Leif Rohlin, Vasteras Swe, NHL defenseman (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Feb 26 René Groen, soccer player (SC Heerenveen)
  • Feb 26 Tim Commerford, American bass player (Rage Against the Machine)
  • Feb 27 Loy Vaught, NBA forward (LA Clippers)
  • Feb 27 Mike Sullivan, Marshfield, NHL center (Calgary Flames)
  • Feb 27 Ron Cox, NFL linebacker (Chicago Bears)
  • Feb 28 J T Snow, American baseball 1st baseman (NY Yankees, California Angels)
  • Feb 28 Mike Milchin, pitcher (Minnesota Twins), born in Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Feb 29 Bryce Paup, NFL linebacker (Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills)
  • Feb 29 Cary Conklin, NFL quarterback (SF 49ers)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Feb 20 Comedian John Cleese (Monty Python) marries actress Connie Booth

Actor, Comedian John Cleese
Actor, Comedian
John Cleese

Famous Deaths

  • Feb 1 Lawson Little, amateur golfer (US/British Opens 1934,35), dies at 57
  • Feb 4 Eddie Baker, American actor (A Man About Town, Collars and Cuffs), dies of emphysema at 70
  • Feb 4 Gerard den Brabander, [Jan G Jofriet], poet (Nothing New), dies at 67
  • Feb 4 Neal Cassady, American writer (b. 1926)
  • Feb 5 Luckey Roberts, composer, dies at 80
  • Feb 6 C Montague Shaw, actor (Buck Rogers, Planet Outlaws), dies at 85
  • Feb 7 Nick Adams [Nicholas Aloysius Adamshock], American actor (Interns, Pillow Talk, FBI Story), dies of a drug overdose at 36
  • Feb 7 Stuart Foster, singer (Galen Drake Show), dies at 49
  • Feb 8 J Borremans, Belgian politician (Communist), dies at 56
  • Feb 9 Barbara Everest, actress (Inquest, Madeleine), dies at 77
  • Feb 9 Frederik M baron van Asbeck, lawyer (League of Nations), dies at 78
  • Feb 10 Pitirim A Sorokin, Russian/US sociologist, dies at 79
  • Feb 11 Howard Lindsay, American playwright, actor and director (State of the Union), dies at 78
  • Feb 13 Ildebrando Pizzetti, Italian composer, dies at 87
  • Feb 13 Mae Marsh, actress (Birth of a Nation, Intolerance), dies at 72
  • Feb 15 Little Walter [Marion Walter Jacobs], American blues singer-songwriter and harmonica player, dies as the result of a fight at 37
  • Feb 16 Healey Willan, Anglo-Canadian composer, dies at 87
  • Feb 17 Donald Wolfit, British actor (Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, Accursed), dies of heart ailment at 65
  • Feb 18 Sigurd Erixon, etnologist (Atlas "ver Svensk Folkkultur), dies at 79
  • Feb 19 Ralph Dunn, actor (Mr Rudge-Norby), dies at 65
  • Feb 19 Georg Hackenschmidt, Estonian professional wrestler (b. 1878)
  • Feb 20 Anthony Asquith, British film director (Court Martial), dies at 65

Person of interestHoward Florey

Feb 21 Howard Florey, Australian pathologist and pharmacologist who purified penicillin (Nobel 1945), dies at 69

Pathologist and Nobel Laureate Howard Florey
Pathologist and Nobel Laureate
Howard Florey
  • Feb 22 Omer CFL Tulippe, Belgian geographer, dies at 71
  • Feb 22 Peter Arno, American cartoonist (b. 1904)
  • Feb 23 Fannie Hurst, American author (Anatomy of Me), dies at 78
  • Feb 25 Camille Huysmans, Belgian premier (1946-47), dies at 96
  • Feb 26 Eric Feldary, Hungarian actor (Hold Back the Dawn, 16 Fathoms Deep), dies of burns at 55
  • Feb 27 Johannes Tralow, German writer (Ottoman tetralogy), dies at 85
  • Feb 27 Ludvik Podest, composer, dies at 46
  • Feb 27 Frankie Lymon, American rock and roll/rhythm and blues singer (The Teenagers), dies at 25 of a heroin overdose
  • Feb 28 Doretta Morrow, American actress (Because You're Mine), dies from cancer at 41
  • Feb 28 Juanita Hall, actress (Capt Billy), dies at 66
  • Feb 29 Tore Ørjasæter, Norwegian poet (b. 1886)