On This Day

What Happened in September 1970

Historical Events

  • Sep 1 Failed assassination attempt on Jordanian king Hussain
  • Sep 1 Jose Velasco Ibarra re-elected president of Ecuador
  • Sep 2 US Open first Grand Slam tournament tiebreak is used to decide a set at 6-6; first player to reach 5 points with sudden death at 4-4
  • Sep 3 After playing a NL record 1,117 consecutive MLB games, Chicago Cubs outfielder Billy Williams asks to sit out

Music History

Sep 3 Bill Haley & His Comets reject $30,000 for 15 date tour of Australia

Historic Event

Sep 3 Indonesian president Suharto visits Netherlands

  • Sep 4 -5) 29.0 cm rainfall at Workman Creek, Arizona (state record)
  • Sep 4 Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova defects to the West while on tour with the Kirov Ballet in London and is granted political asylum

Election of Interest

Sep 4 Marxist Salvador Allende wins a narrow plurality of votes in Chile's presidential election

  • Sep 4 An Irish Republican Army (IRA) member, Michael Kane (35), is killed in the premature explosion of the bomb he was planting at an electricity transformer in Belfast
  • Sep 5 Estimated 15 cm (6") of rainfall, Bug Point, Utah (state record)
  • Sep 6 Palestinians seize 3 airliners
  • Sep 6 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR


Sep 7 Jerry Lewis' 5th Muscular Dystrophy telethon

  • Sep 7 Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacks 4 planes and forces them to land at Dawson's Field, Jordan
  • Sep 7 White Sox use record 41 players in doubleheader & lose both games
  • Sep 7 Donald Boyles sets record for highest parachute jump from a bridge, by leaping off of 1,053' Royal George Bridge in Colorado
  • Sep 7 Fighting between Arabic guerillas and government forces in Amman, Jordan.
  • Sep 8 Black September hijackings begin, three airliners hijacked and blown up by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
  • Sep 9 Feyenoord wins soccer's Club World Cup
  • Sep 11 88 of the hostages from the Dawson's Field hijackings are released. The remaining hostages, mostly Jews and Israeli citizens, are held until September 25.
  • Sep 11 The Ford Pinto is introduced.
  • Sep 12 Soviet unmanned spacecraft Luna 16 launched to the moon
  • Sep 12 Phyllis Ann George (Texas), 21, crowned 43rd Miss America 1971
  • Sep 12 Supersonic airliner Concorde lands for the 1st time at Heathrow airport
  • Sep 12 US LSD professor Timothy Leary escapes from California jail
  • Sep 12 Palestinian terrorists blow up three hijacked airliners in Jordan, continuing to hold the passengers hostage in various undisclosed locations in Amman.

US Open Women's Tennis

Sep 12 US Open Women's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Margaret Court of Australia completes Grand Slam; beats American Rosemary Casals 6-2, 2-6, 6-1

  • Sep 13 New York City Marathon: inaugural event won by Gary Muhrcke in 2:31:38
  • Sep 13 IBM announces System 370 computer
  • Sep 13 Palestine guerillas conquer Irbid Jordania

US Men's Tennis Open

Sep 13 US Open Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Ken Rosewall wins second US title; beats fellow Australian Tony Roche 2-6, 6-4, 7-6, 6-3; first major in which tiebreak used to decide sets at 6-6

  • Sep 14 Economic Council for Northern Ireland holds its first meeting

Music Recording

Sep 15 Decca awards Bing Crosby a second platinum disc for selling 300 million records

  • Sep 15 PLO leader Arafat threatens to make a cemetery of Jordan
  • Sep 15 Rotterdam dock strikes end
  • Sep 15 Officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in Northern Ireland vote narrowly in favour of remaining unarmed
  • Sep 16 King Hussein of Jordan forms military government
  • Sep 17 Jordan launches offensive against guerrilla army
  • Sep 17 WSWP TV channel 9 in Grandview, WV (PBS) begins broadcasting

Television Premiere

Sep 19 "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" premieres on CBS

  • Sep 19 1st Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, England opens: Tyrannosaurus Rex headlines; other performs include: Wayne Fontana, Steamhammer, Duster Bennett, Al Stewart, Amazing Blondel, Keith Christmas, Quintessence, and Stackridge

Music History

Sep 20 Jim Morrison found guilty of "open profanity and indecent exposure" after allegedly exposing himself at a concert in Miami in 1969

  • Sep 20 Soviet spcecraft Luna 16 lands on Moon's Mare Fecunditatis, drills core sample

Film & TV History

Sep 21 "Monday Night Football" created by Roone Arledge, premieres on ABC - Browns 31, Jets 21

  • Sep 21 KAPP TV channel 35 in Yakima, WA (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 21 Soviet space probe Luna 16 leaves the Moon
  • Sep 21 Oakland A's Vida Blue no-hits Minnesota Twins, 6-0
  • Sep 21 New York Times starts first modern op-ed page

Historic Event

Sep 22 US President Richard Nixon requests 1,000 new FBI agents for college campuses

  • Sep 23 Abdul Razak bin Hussain becomes premier of Malaysia
  • Sep 23 Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) Arthur Young announces his resignation
  • Sep 24 Soviet space probe Luna 16 lands on earth after 1st unmanned round trip to moon

Album Release

Sep 25 Ringo Starr releases album "Beaucoups of Blues"

  • Sep 26 The Laguna Fire starts in San Diego County, California, burning 175,425 acres (710 km²).
  • Sep 26 A groups of Protestant youths attack the Catholic Unity Flats as rioting continues in the Protestant Shankill Road area
  • Sep 27 Ken Boswell sets 2nd baseman record of 85 games without an error
  • Sep 28 TV game show "Words & Music" debuts on NBC

Historic Event

Sep 28 Anwar Sadat replaces the late Gamal Abdel Nasser as acting Egyptian President; elected president in October 1970

  • Sep 28 Intrepid (US) beats Gretel II (Australia) in 22nd America's Cup
  • Sep 29 "NET Festival" last aired
  • Sep 30 New American Bible published
  • Sep 30 A Protestant man is shot and killed by Loyalists in Belfast, North Ireland

Famous Birthdays

  • Sep 1 Barbara Paulus, Austrian tennis player (world #10 1996; 6 x WTA titles), born in Vienna, Austria
  • Sep 1 Hwang Jung-min, South Korean actor
  • Sep 1 Padma Lakshmi, Indian actress
  • Sep 1 Vanna, Croatian singer
  • Sep 3 George Lynch, American basketball forward and college coach (Charlotte/NO Hornets; UNC NCAA title 1993), born in Roanoke, Virginia
  • Sep 3 Uzooma Okeke, American born CFL guard (Montreal Alouettes), born in Beaumont, Texas
  • Sep 3 Jeremy Glick, American United Airlines Flight 93 passenger (d. 2001)
  • Sep 3 Gareth Southgate, English manager of English national side and footballer (Aston Villa, Middlesbrough), born in Watford, England
  • Sep 4 Cari Read, Canadian synchronized swimmer (Olympic silver 1996), born in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Sep 4 Igor Cavalera, Brazilian musician (Sepultura), born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Sep 4 Ione Skye, British-born American actress (Say Anything), born in Hampstead, London
  • Sep 4 Janae Lautenschlager, American diver (Olympics 1996), born in Canoga Park California
  • Sep 4 Luis Lopez, Puerto Rican baseball infielder (San Diego Padres), born in Cidra, Puerto Rico
  • Sep 4 Dave Buchwald, American hacker and filmmaker, born in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Sep 5 Brad Hopkins, American NFL tackle (Houston Oilers), born in Columbia, South Carolina
  • Sep 5 Lori Harrigan, American softball pitcher (Olympic gold 1996), born in Anaheim, California
  • Sep 5 Michael Potts, American pitcher (Milwaukee Brewers), born in Langdale, Alabama
  • Sep 5 Willie Clay, American NFL safety (Detroit Lions), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 5 Liam Lynch, American musician (Sifl and Olly), born in Petersburg, Virginia
  • Sep 5 Mohammad Rafique, Bangladeshi cricketer, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Sep 6 Igor Korolev, Russian ice hockey player (Team Russia, Winnipeg), born in Moscow, Russia
  • Sep 6 Shane Heal, Australian basketball guard (Olympics 1996), born in Melbourne, Victoria
  • Sep 6 Torrance Small, American NFL wide receiver (New Orleans Saints), born in Tampa, Florida
  • Sep 6 Paul Miller (DJ Spooky), American electronic and experimental hip hop musician, born in Washington, D.C.
  • Sep 7 Tom Everett Scott, American actor (Dead Man on Campus), born in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • Sep 8 Clarence Weatherspoon, American NBA forward (Philadelphia 76ers), born in Crawford, Mississippi
  • Sep 8 Neko Case, American singer-songwriter (The New Pornographers), born in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Sep 9 Dan Miceli, American baseball pitcher (Pittsburgh Pirates), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Sep 9 Joey Hamilton, American baseball pitcher (San Diego Padres), born in Statesboro, Georgia
  • Sep 9 Mike Faulkerson, American football fullback (Chicago Bears), born in Kingsport, Tennessee
  • Sep 9 Natalia Streignard, Venezuelan actress, born in Madrid, Spain
  • Sep 10 Julie Halard-Decugis, French tennis player (US Open doubles 2000 [Ai Sugiyama]; 12 x WTA singles titles), born in Versailles, France
  • Sep 10 Paula Kelley, American pop-rock musician and composer, born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sep 11 Berry Richter, American hockey defenseman (Olympics 1994), born in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Sep 11 Dan Hackett, American water polo goalkeeper (Olympics 1996), born in Syracuse, New York
  • Sep 11 Chris Garver, American tattoo artist and TV personality (Miami Ink), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 11 Taraji P. Henson, American actress and singer, born in Washington, D.C.
  • Sep 11 William Joppy, American professional boxer, born in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Sep 11 Ted Leo, American musician (Ted Leo and the Pharmacists), born in South Bend, Indiana
  • Sep 12 Rebecca Joyce, Australian rower (Olympics 1996), born in Melbourne, Australia
  • Sep 12 Nathan Larson, American guitarist and composer (Shudder To Think, Hot One), born in Maryland
  • Sep 13 Marc Latupeirissa, Dutch soccer player (Willem II)
  • Sep 13 Martín Herrera, Argentine footballer, born in Río Cuarto, Argentina
  • Sep 13 Louise Lombard, British actress (The House of Eliott), born in Redbridge, London, England
  • Sep 13 Yuki Matsuoka, Japanese voice actress, born in Hirano-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • Sep 14 Satoshi Kojima, Japanese professional wrestler (NJPW), born in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan
  • Sep 14 Robert Ben Garant, American screenwriter and actor (Reno 991!), born in Cookeville, Tennessee
  • Sep 14 Craig Montoya, American bass player (Everclear), born in Spokane, Washington
  • Sep 14 Francesco Casagrande, Italian road racing cyclist, born in Florence, Italy
  • Sep 14 Ketanji Brown Jackson, American attorney and judge, born in Washington D.C.
  • Sep 15 Ramya Krishnan, Indian actress (Padayappa ), born in Madras, India
  • Sep 16 Anthony Marshall, American NFL safety (Chicago Bears), born in Mobile, Alabama
  • Sep 16 Paul Shuey, American baseball pitcher (Cleveland Indians), born in Lima, Ohio
  • Sep 16 Mark Schultz, American Christian musician, born in Kansas City, Kansas
  • Sep 17 Al Fontenot, NFL defensive end (Chicago Bears)
  • Sep 17 Ashley Ambrose, NFL cornerback (Indianapolis Colts)
  • Sep 17 Mark Brunell, NFL quarterback (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Sep 18 Everett Lindsay, American NFL guard and center (Minnesota Vikings), born in Burlington, Iowa
  • Sep 18 Michela Rocco, Italian actress and Miss Italy (1987), born in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
  • Sep 18 Mike Compton, American NFL center and guard (Detroit Lions), born in Richlands, Virginia
  • Sep 18 Dan Eldon, British-Kenyan photojournalist, born in Hampstead, London (d. 1993)
  • Sep 18 Aisha Tyler, American actress and talk show host (The Talk), born in San Francisco, California
  • Sep 19 Antti Törmänen, Finnish professional ice hockey forward, 1990-2004 (Finland Olympic bronze, 1998; Ottawa Senators), and European leagues coach, born in Espoo, Finland
  • Sep 19 Takanori Nishikawa, Japanese pop-rock singer (T.M.Revolution), born in Yasu, Japan
  • Sep 19 Victor Williams, American actor (The King of Queens), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Sep 20 John Copeland, American NFL defensive end (Cin Bengals), born in Lanett, Alabama
  • Sep 21 Michael O'Shea, Canadian CFL linebacker (Toronto Argonauts), born in North Bay, Ontario
  • Sep 21 John Cudia, American actor

Samantha Power

Sep 21 Samantha Power, Irish American author and diplomat (US Ambassador to the UN), born in Dublin, Ireland

  • Sep 22 Eric Blount, American CFL running back (Edmonton Eskimos), born in Ayden, North Carolina
  • Sep 22 Mike Matheny, American MLB player (Milwaukee Brewers) and manager (Kansas City Royals), born in Columbus, Ohio
  • Sep 22 Mystikal [Michael Tyler], American rapper, born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Sep 22 Rupert Penry-Jones, English actor (Spooks, The Strain), born in London, England
  • Sep 22 Emmanuel Petit, French footballer (Chelsea, France), born in Dieppe, France
  • Sep 22 Gladys Berejiklian, Australian politician (Premier of New South Wales 2019-), born in Sydney, Australia
  • Sep 23 Georgios Koltsidas, Greek footballer
  • Sep 23 Ani DiFranco, American alt-folk-pop singer songwriter and founder of Righteous Babe Records, born in Buffalo, New York
  • Sep 24 Kristin Talbot, American speed skater (Olympics 1994), born in Schuylerville New York
  • Sep 24 Paul Spoljaric, Canadian pitcher (Toronto Blue Jays), born in Kelowna, British Columbia
  • Sep 24 Winfred Tubbs, American NFL linebacker (Pro Bowl 1998; New Orleans Saints, SF 49ers), born in Fairfield, Texas
  • Sep 25 Curtis Buckley, American NFL safety (Tampa Bay Bucs), born in Oakdale, Louisiana
  • Sep 25 Damon Pieri, American NFL safety (Carolina Panthers), born in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sep 25 Doug Pelfrey, American NFL kicker (Cin Bengals), born in Fort Thomas, Kentucky
  • Sep 25 Dean Ween [Michael Melchiondo, Jr.], American guitarist (Ween; Moistboyz), born in New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 26 Paul Laus, Canadian NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers), born in Beamsville, Canada
  • Sep 26 Rachel Jacobs, American actress (It's Not Easy), born in Ririe, Idaho
  • Sep 26 Trevor Ruffin, American NBA guard (Philadelphia 76ers), born in Buffalo, New York
  • Sep 26 Sheri Moon Zombie, American actress, born in San Jose, California
  • Sep 27 Mark Caldero, vocalist (Color Me Badd - "I Want to Sex You Up"), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Sep 27 Yoshiharu Habu, Japanese professional shogi player
  • Sep 27 Jana Boušková, Czech concert harpist (Czech Philharmonic, 2005-present), and pedagogue, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • Sep 28 Kimiko Date, Japanese professional tennis player (Japan Open, 1996), born in Kyoto, Japan
  • Sep 29 Chris Mims, American NFL defensive end (San Diego Chargers), born in Los Angeles, California (d. 2008)
  • Sep 29 Emily Lloyd, English actress (Wish You Were Here, In Country), born in London, England
  • Sep 29 Joseph Hudson, American pitcher (Boston Red Sox), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 29 Luke Bodensteiner, American cross country skier (Olympics 1994), born in Iowa City, Iowa
  • Sep 29 Natasha Gregson Wagner, American actress (Dark Horse, SFW), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Sep 29 Nicolas Pereira, Venezuelan tennis player, born in Salto Uruguay
  • Sep 29 Yoshihiro Tajiri, Japanese professional wrestler, born in Tamana, Japan
  • Sep 30 Eric Piatkowski, NBA guard/forward (LA Clippers)

Famous Weddings

Barry Gibb

Sep 1 "The Bee Gees" singer Barry Gibb (24) weds former Miss Edinburgh Linda Ann Gray

Dick Wolf

Sep 5 Producer Dick Wolf (23) weds Susan Scranton

Stevie Wonder

Sep 14 American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder (20) marries American singer-songwriter Syreeta "Rita" Wright (24); divorce in 1972

Famous Deaths

  • Sep 1 Francois Mauriac, French novelist, poet and playwright (Nobel 1952), dies at 84
  • Sep 2 Cornelis L "Kees" van Baaren, Dutch composer (Hollow Men), dies at 63
  • Sep 3 Alan Wilson, American rock guitarist and vocalist (Canned Heat), dies at 27

Vince Lombardi

Sep 3 Vince Lombardi, American Pro Football Hall of Fame coach (Green Bay Packers 1959-67; NFL Coach of the Year 1959, 61; Super Bowl 1967, 68), dies at 57

  • Sep 4 James M. Taylor, American USAF officer and astronaut, killed during a training mission at 39
  • Sep 5 Jochen Rindt, Austrian auto racer (posthumous World F1 title 1970), dies of throat injuries in practice accident at 28
  • Sep 6 Gerard Smithson, cricketer (Eng batsman against W Indies 1948), dies
  • Sep 8 Percy Spencer, inventor of the microwave oven, (b. 1894)

Cy Denneny

Sep 10 Cy Denneny, Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame left wing (NHL leading scorer 1923-24), dies at 78

  • Sep 11 Chester Morris, American actor (Diagnosis: Unknown), dies at 69
  • Sep 11 Ernst May, German architect and city planner (New Frankfurt), dies at 84
  • Sep 14 Rudolph Carnap, German philosopher and mathematician, dies at 79

Jimi Hendrix

Sep 18 Jimi Hendrix, American rock guitarist (Purple Haze), dies from asphyxiation at 27

  • Sep 19 Greville Stevens, British cricketer (10 Tests for England 1922-29), dies at 69
  • Sep 21 Gijsbert Friedhoff, Dutch architect (Wibautstrat tax office, Amsterdam), dies at 78
  • Sep 23 Bourvil [André Robert Raimbourg], French actor and singer (Le Corniaud, La Grande Vadrouille), dies of Kahler's syndrome at 53
  • Sep 25 Efim Golishev, Ukrainian painter and composer, dies at 73
  • Sep 25 Erich Maria Remarque, German novelist (All Quiet on the Western Front), dies at 72

Gamal Abdel Nasser

Sep 28 Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian revolutionary and politician (Acting President, 1954-56; President, 1956-70), dies of heart attack at 52

  • Sep 28 John Roderigo Dos Passos, American writer (Manhattan Transfer), dies at 74
  • Sep 29 Edward Everett Horton, American actor and narrator (Bulwinkle Show), dies at 84
  • Sep 30 Patrick Aherne, British actor (Green Dolphin Street, Rocketship X-M, The Court Jester), dies at 69