What Happened in January 1977

Historical Events

  • Jan 1 1st woman formally ordained an Episcopal priest (Jacqueline Means)
  • Jan 1 Belgium reapportions 2,359 communities into 596
  • Jan 1 Czech intellects begin Human Rights Group Chapter 77
  • Jan 1 63rd Rose Bowl: #3 Southern California beats #2 Michigan, 14-6
  • Jan 1 43rd Sugar Bowl: #1 Pittsburgh beats #4 Georgia, 27-3; Tony Dorsett runs for record 202 yards
  • Jan 1 43rd Orange Bowl: #11 Ohio State beats #12 Colorado, 27-10

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 2 Bowie Kuhn suspends Braves owner Ted Turner for one year due to tampering charges in Gary Matthews free-agency signing

Founder of CNN Ted Turner
Founder of CNN
Ted Turner
  • Jan 3 Apple Computer, Inc incorporates
  • Jan 3 Lindy McDaniel retires with 2nd most pitching appearances (987 games)
  • Jan 3 Former Home Secretary Roy Jenkins announces his intention to be Britain's first President of the European Commission
  • Jan 3 "The Police Tapes" premiere on New York City TV station WNET, based somewhat on 1960s NYPD officers who worked in its South Bronx
  • Jan 4 Mary Shane hired by Chicago White Sox as 1st woman TV play-by-play

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 6 EMI records drop punk rock group Sex Pistols

Rocker Steve Jones
Steve Jones
  • Jan 6 Charter 77, a document criticising the Czech government's human rights abuses, is published in Prague
  • Jan 9 "Porgy & Bess" closes at Uris Theater NYC after 122 performances
  • Jan 9 Super Bowl XI: Oakland Raiders beat Minnesota Vikings, 32-14 in Pasadena Super Bowl MVP: Fred Biletnikoff, Oakland, WR

Sport awardTennis Open

Jan 9 65th Men's Australian Open: Roscoe Tanner beats Guillermo Vilas (6-3, 6-3, 6-3)

Tennis Player and Australian Open Roscoe Tanner
Tennis Player and Australian Open
Roscoe Tanner
Tennis Player and Four-Time Major Champion Guillermo Vilas
Tennis Player and Four-Time Major Champion
Guillermo Vilas
  • Jan 9 65th Women's Australian Open: Kerry Melville Reid beats Dianne Fromholtz Balestrat (7-5, 6-2)
  • Jan 10 20th hat trick in Islander history - Bobby Nystrom
  • Jan 11 Bollingen Prize awarded to David Ignatow
  • Jan 11 Cubs trade outfielder Rick Monday to Dodgers for Bill Buckner
  • Jan 11 France releases Abu Daoud, a Palestinian suspected of involvement in massacre of Israeli athletes at 1972 Munich Olympics
  • Jan 12 "Ipi Tombi" opens at Harkness Theater NYC for 39 performances
  • Jan 12 Anti-French demonstrations takes place in Israel after Paris released Abu Daoud, responsible 1972 Munich massacre of Israeli athletes
  • Jan 14 "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Montalban premieres on ABC TV

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 15 Coneheads debut on "Saturday Night Live"

Television Producer Lorne Michaels
Television Producer
Lorne Michaels
  • Jan 15 Jane Blalock wins LPGA Colgate Triple Crown Golf Tournament
  • Jan 15 Festac '77, the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture, begins in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Jan 16 Cap's H Monahan scored on 2nd penalty shot against Islanders
  • Jan 17 KC releases Tommy Davis, ends an 18-year career with 10 teams
  • Jan 17 NFL Pro Bowl: AFC beats NFC 24-14
  • Jan 17 Zaire president Mobutu visits Belgium
  • Jan 17 Gary Gilmore is executed by firing squad in the Utah state prison, convicted of murder
  • Jan 18 Imran Khan takes 12 wickets in match for Pakistan win at the Sydney Cricket Ground
  • Jan 18 Scientists identify a previously unknown bacterium as the cause of the mysterious Legionnaires' disease.
  • Jan 18 Australia's worst rail disaster occurs in Sydney, killing 83 people

Hall of fameHall of Fame

Jan 19 Ernie Banks elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

MLB shortstop Ernie Banks
MLB shortstop
Ernie Banks
  • Jan 19 US President Ford pardons Iva Toguri D'Aquino (Tokyo Rose)
  • Jan 19 World's largest crowd gathering - the Hindu Kumbh Mela in India attracts a then record 15 million people
  • Jan 19 Snow falls in Miami, Florida. This is the only time in the history of the city that snowfall has occurred. It also fell in the Bahamas.
  • Jan 20 George H. W. Bush ends term as 11th director of CIA
  • Jan 20 Mr Knoche, serves as acting director of CIA

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 21 US President Jimmy Carter pardons almost all Vietnam War draft evaders

39th US President Jimmy Carter
39th US President
Jimmy Carter
  • Jan 23 $1.5-million Serge Lepage dress exhibited, Paris
  • Jan 23 Mini-series "Roots" premieres on ABC
  • Jan 24 Massacre of Atocha in Madrid: Five labor lawyers murdered by fascists in Madrid during the Spanish transition to democracy
  • Jan 26 Soviet figure skaters Sergei Shakrai & Marine Tcherkasova are 1st to perform a quadruple twist lift in Helsinki

Film tv awardsFilm and TV Awards

Jan 29 34th Golden Globes: Rocky, Peter Finch, & Faye Dunaway win

  • Jan 30 8th (final) part of "Roots" is most-watched US entertainment show ever (100 million)
  • Jan 30 Allan Border scores 36 in his 1st-class innings (NSW v Qld)
  • Jan 30 Edward W Stack replaces Paul Kerr president of Hall of Fame
  • Jan 31 Frenchman Francois Claustre freed, after 33 months as hostage in Chad
  • Jan 31 Joe Sewell, Amos Rusie, & Al Lopez elected to baseball Hall of Fame

Music awardsMusic Awards

Jan 31 4th American Music Awards: Olivia Newton-John & Elton John win

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John
Singer and actress
Olivia Newton-John
Singer Elton John
Elton John

Famous Birthdays

  • Jan 1 Hasan Salihamidžić, Bosnian footballer
  • Jan 2 Ales Pisa, Czech ice hockey player
  • Jan 2 Scott Proctor, American baseball player
  • Jan 3 Beata Handra, dance skater (& Sinek-1997 Pac Coast Sr 3rd), born in San Francisco, California
  • Jan 3 Lee Bowyer, English footballer
  • Jan 3 A.J. Burnett, American baseball player
  • Jan 3 Mayumi Iizuka, Japanese voice actress (seiyū)
  • Jan 4 Irán Castillo, Mexican actress
  • Jan 4 Dan Shanahan, Irish hurler
  • Jan 4 Tim Wheeler, Irish singer (Ash)
  • Jan 4 David Millar, Scottish road racing cyclist (banned in 2004 for doping), born in Mtarfa, Malta
  • Jan 6 Amy Zappone, Wolcott Connecticut, Miss America-Connecticut (1996)
  • Jan 6 Stacey Gartrell, Australian swimmer (Olympics 1996), born in Sydney, New South Wales
  • Jan 7 Dustin Diamond, actor (Screech-Saved By Bell), born in San Jose, California
  • Jan 7 Michelle Behennah, British model
  • Jan 7 John Gidding, American architect and TV host (Designed to Sell)
  • Jan 8 Ryan Frances, actor (Trevor-Sisters)
  • Jan 8 Amber Benson, American actress
  • Jan 8 Ron Pederson, Canadian actor
  • Jan 8 Lee Yoo-jin, Korean actress
  • Jan 9 Beth Troutman, American production assistant
  • Jan 11 Shomari Buchanan, American football player, born in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Jan 11 Nadia Turner, US singer, born in Miami, Florida
  • Jan 12 Sara Walsh, South Bend In, fencer-foil (Olympics 1996)
  • Jan 12 Dominic Etli, American soccer player
  • Jan 12 Yoandy Garlobo, Cuban baseball player
  • Jan 12 Cade McNown, American football player
  • Jan 12 Piolo Pascual, Filipino actor

Person of interestOrlando Bloom

Jan 13 Orlando Bloom, English actor (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings), born in Canterbury, England

  • Jan 13 James Posey, American basketball player
  • Jan 14 Terry Ryan, St Johns, NHL left wing (Montreal Canadiens)
  • Jan 16 Jeff Foster, American basketball player
  • Jan 17 Ali el Kattabi, soccer player (Sparta)
  • Jan 17 Kevin Fertig, American professional wrestler
  • Jan 17 Leigh Whannell, Australian screenwriter/actor
  • Jan 18 Curtis Cregan, American actor
  • Jan 18 Alina Jidkova, Russian tennis player
  • Jan 18 Richard Archer, British singer (lead singer of Hard-Fi)
  • Jan 19 Anne Miller, Midland Mich, tennis star (1995 Darmstadt Germany)
  • Jan 19 Taliesin Jaffe, actor (Willy-Hail to the Chief), born in Venice, California
  • Jan 19 Lauren Etame Mayer, Cameroonian footballer
  • Jan 19 Nicole, Chilean singer
  • Jan 19 Cocco, Ryukyuan singer
  • Jan 20 Paul "Goggo" Adams, cricketer (lefty very unorthodox bowler for South Africa)
  • Jan 20 Melody, Belgian singer
  • Jan 21 Al Baxter, Australian rugby union footballer
  • Jan 21 Phil Neville, English footballer
  • Jan 21 Rick Ross, American rapper
  • Jan 22 Hidetoshi Nakata, Japanese footballer
  • Jan 22 Jono Gibbes, New Zealand rugby union footballer
  • Jan 24 Lenka Cenkova, Trinec Czech, tennis star (1995 Futures-Vaihingen-GER)
  • Jan 26 Justin Gimelstob, NJ, tennis star (1994 doubles USTA Bakersfield)
  • Jan 26 Vince Carter [Vinsanity], American basketball player who famously made "Le dunk de la mort" (the Dunk of Death), born in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Jan 28 Matt DeVries, American guitarist (Chimaira)
  • Jan 28 Takuma Sato, Japanese racing car driver (Indianapolis 500 2017), born in Toyko, Japan
  • Jan 28 Daunte Culpepper, American football player
  • Jan 28 Joey Fatone, American singer (*NSYNC)
  • Jan 28 Lyle Overbay, American baseball player
  • Jan 29 Martin Hohenberger, hockey forward (Team Austria 1998)
  • Jan 29 Justin Hartley, American actor (Smallville, This Us), born in Knoxville, Illinois
  • Jan 30 Deltha O'Neal, American football player
  • Jan 31 Shingo Katori, Japanese actor and singer (SMAP)
  • Jan 31 Jim Kleinsasser, National Football League tight end
  • Jan 31 Kate Shindle, American actress
  • Jan 31 Kerry Washington, American actress (Scandal), born in The Bronx, New York

Famous Divorces

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

Jan 19 Director Martin Scorsese (34) divorces Julia Cameron (28) after 1 year of marriage

Film Director Martin Scorsese
Film Director
Martin Scorsese

Famous Deaths

Person of interestErroll Garner

Jan 2 Erroll Garner, jazz pianist (Misty), dies at 53

Jazz Pianist Erroll Garner
Jazz Pianist
Erroll Garner
  • Jan 3 Avraham Ofer, Israeli minister of housing, commits suicide
  • Jan 3 Benno Stokvis, Dutch attorney/politician, dies at 75
  • Jan 5 Onslow Stevens, American actor (This is the Life), dies at 74
  • Jan 6 Niall MacGinnis, Irish character actor (Curse of the Demon, Helen of Troy), dies from cancer at 63
  • Jan 9 Alexey Kozlovsky, composer, dies at 71
  • Jan 9 Hal Sawyer, TV host (Sawyer Views Hollywood), dies at 62
  • Jan 10 Ruth Wakefield, American inventor (created the Toll House Cookie, the first chocolate chip cookie), dies at 73
  • Jan 12 Henri-Georges Clouzot, director (Diabolique, Truth), dies at 69

Person of interestAnthony Eden

Jan 14 Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1955-57) and Foreign Secretary, dies of liver cancer at 79

British Prime Minister Anthony Eden
British Prime Minister
Anthony Eden

Person of interestPeter Finch

Jan 14 Peter Finch, actor (Network, The Nun's Story, Judith), dies at 60

  • Jan 14 Anaïs Nin, French author (b. 1903)
  • Jan 17 Gary Gilmore, executed in Utah, 1st US execution since 1967
  • Jan 18 Carl Zuckmayer, German/Swiss/US playwright (Second Wind), dies at 80
  • Jan 18 Paul Nordoff, American composer (Frog Prince), dies at 67
  • Jan 18 Yvonne Printemps, French singer and actress (Paris Waltz, Voyage to America), dies at 81
  • Jan 19 Geraldine Brooks, actress (Faraday & Co, Dumplings), dies at 51
  • Jan 21 John Vincent, composer, dies at 74
  • Jan 21 Zoltan Vasarhelyi, composer, dies at 76
  • Jan 21 Sandro Penna, Italian poet (b. 1906)
  • Jan 23 Bernard "Toots" Shor, barkeeper, dies at 73
  • Jan 23 Dick Burnett, American musician (Man of Constant Sorrow), dies at 93
  • Jan 25 Donald Kerr, actor (Devil Bat, Killer Bats), dies at 85
  • Jan 26 Margaret Hayes, American actress (Blackboard Jungle, Robert Montgomery Presents), dies from cancer and hepatitis at 60
  • Jan 27 Walter Baldwin, American actor (The Best Years of Our Lives, The Long, Long Trailer), dies at 88
  • Jan 28 Burton "Burt" Mustin, American actor (All in the Family, The Andy Griffith Show), dies at 92
  • Jan 29 E P "Buster" Nupen, cricketer (50 wickets for S Af, lost eye), dies
  • Jan 29 Freddie Prinze, comedian and actor (Chico & the Man), shoots himself at 22