What Happened in 1978

Significant Events

  • Jan 23 Sweden becomes the first nation in the world to ban aerosol sprays, believed to be damaging to earth's ozone layer.
  • Sep 16 25,000 die in 7.7 earthquake in Tabar, Iran
  • Sep 17 Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin and Jimmy Carter sign the Camp David Accords, frameworks for peace in the Middle East and between Egypt and Israel
  • Oct 5 Over 30 major nations ratify the Environmental Modification Convention which prohibits weather warfare that has widespread, long-lasting or severe effects
  • Oct 16 Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected Pope John Paul II
  • Nov 6 Shah of Iran places Iran under military rule; General Gholan Reza Azhari forms government
  • Nov 18 In Jonestown, Guyana 918 members of the Peoples Temple are murdered or commit suicide under the leadership of cult leader Jim Jones
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Did You Know?

1st "micro on a chip" patented by Texas Instruments

On February 14, 1978

World Leaders in 1978

Famous People in 1978

Would You Believe?

Sweden outlaws aerosol sprays due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer, becoming the first nation to enact such a ban.

On January 29, 1978

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 24 Rose Dugdale and Eddie Gallagher become the first convicted prisoners to marry in prison in the history of the Republic of Ireland.
  • Feb 14 Country singer Roger Miller (42) weds Mary Arnold
  • Mar 28 Actor Jeremy Irons (29) weds actress SinĂ©ad Cusack (30)
  • Apr 15 Novelist Danielle Steel (30) weds William George Toth
  • May 5 "Happy Days" actor Anson Williams (28) weds Lorrie Maheffey

Famous Divorces

  • Apr 14 Novelist Danielle Steel (30) divorces Danny Zugelder after almost 3 years of marriage
  • May 1 Actress and model Bianca Jagger files for divorce from Rolling Stone rocker Mick Jagger after 7 years of marriage on the grounds of his adultery with model Jerry Hall
  • Jun 15 US Senator Edward W. Brooke (58) divorces first wife Remigia Ferrari-Scacco after 31 years of marriage
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