What Happened in February 1993

Historical Events

  • Feb 1 NY Judge Sol Wachtler indicted for harassing Joy Silverman
  • Feb 1 Soyuz TM-16 lands
  • Feb 2 Frito Lay pays court ordered $2,500,000 to Tom Wait for using his song
  • Feb 2 Irina Privalova runs world record 50m indoor (6.05 sec)

Historic Event

Feb 2 Václav Havel becomes the first president of an independent Czech Republic, after the split with Slovakia

  • Feb 3 Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott suspended for 1 year due to racist comments

Rodney King Riots

Feb 3 Federal trial of 4 police officers charged with civil rights violations in videotaped beating of Rodney King begins in Los Angeles, California

  • Feb 3 General Hospital's Tristan Rogers convicted of drunk driving
  • Feb 4 Admiral William Studeman ends term as acting director of CIA
  • Feb 4 Russian space agency tests a 82-foot wide space mirror
  • Feb 5 Grenade explodes in Sarajevo, killing 63 and injuring 160
  • Feb 5 R James Woolsey, becomes 16th director of CIA

NHL All-Star Game

Feb 6 44th NHL All-Star Game, Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC: Wales beats Campbell, 16-6; MVP: Mike Gartner, NY Rangers, RW

Boxing Title Fight

Feb 6 Riddick Bowe TKOs Michael Dokes in 1 for heavyweight boxing title

Album Release

Feb 7 Carmen Electra releases her self-titled debut album, "Carmen Electra"

  • Feb 7 NFL Pro Bowl, Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI: AFC beats NFC, 23-20; MVP: Steve Tasker, Buffalo Bills, WR
  • Feb 8 GM sues NBC, alleging that "Dateline NBC" program had rigged 2 car-truck crashes to show that 1973-87 GM pickups were prone to fires
  • Feb 8 Suchoi-24 crashes into Tupolev passenger flight, 134 die
  • Feb 9 Army of opium king Khun Sa kills 60 in NE Burma

Music History

Feb 10 "Michael Jackson Talks To Oprah Winfrey" airs on ABC & drew an astounding 39.3 rating/56 share, 90 million people

  • Feb 10 Jani Sievinen swims world record 200m backstroke (1:55.59)
  • Feb 10 US officially backs peace plan in Bosnia
  • Feb 11 43rd Berlin International Film Festival: "Woman Sesame Oil Maker" and "The Wedding Banquet" win the Golden Bear (tie)
  • Feb 11 Irina Privalova runs world record 60m indoor (6.92 secs)

Appointment of Interest

Feb 11 President Clinton selects Janet Reno to be first female US Attorney General

  • Feb 13 Ljubow Kremljowa runs world record 1000m indoor (2:34:84)
  • Feb 13 Merlene Ottey runs world record 200m indoor (21.87 sec)
  • Feb 13 Sergei Bubka pole vaults indoor record (6.14 m)

Daytona 500

Feb 14 35th Daytona 500: Dale Jarrett, driving for Joe Gibbs Racing, wins from Dale Earnhardt and Geoff Bodine

  • Feb 14 Fire in Linxi department store in Tangshan China, kills 79
  • Feb 15 Bombings by mafia drug lords kill 14 in Bogota, Colombia
  • Feb 15 Howard Stern Radio Show begins transmitting to Rochester, New York on WRQI 95.1 FM
  • Feb 16 Sandra Völker swims world record 50m backstroke (28.33 sec)
  • Feb 16 Western Australia's and Australia's first woman Premier, Carmen Lawrence, is voted out of office.
  • Feb 17 Haitian ferry boat capsize in storm, 800-2,000 die
  • Feb 17 Hartford right wing Pat Verbeek scores his 300th career NHL goal and adds his 300th career assist in a 5-3 Whalers' home loss to the Buffalo Sabres
  • Feb 17 Mark Foster swims world record 50m free style (21.60 sec)
  • Feb 19 "Happy Nation" debut studio album by Ace of Base is released
  • Feb 19 Kenya Moore, 22, (Michigan), crowned 42nd Miss USA
  • Feb 20 Florida Marlins open their 1st spring training camp
  • Feb 20 NY Islanders retire Billy Smith's number 31

NBA All-Star Game

Feb 21 43rd NBA All-Star Game, Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT: West beats East, 135-132 (OT); MVPs: Karl Malone, Utah Jazz F; John Stockton, Utah Jazz, PG

  • Feb 21 Sergei Bubka pole vaults world record indoor (6.15 m)
  • Feb 22 Vinod Kambli scores 224 v England at Bombay, 411 balls, 23 fours
  • Feb 23 Gary Coleman wins $1,280,000 lawsuit against parents for high fees
  • Feb 23 India complete a 3-0 series drubbing of England
  • Feb 23 Sacramento Gold Miners admitted as CFL's 9th franchise (1st US team)
  • Feb 25 "Fool Moon" opens at Richard Rodgers Theater NYC for 207 performances
  • Feb 25 Florida Marlins introduce their mascot "Billy"
  • Feb 25 Pakistan all out 43 v West Indies, world one-day int record low
  • Feb 26 "World Trade Center bombing of 1993": truck bomb explodes in parking garage of NYC World Trade Center at 12:18pm, killing 6 and injuring over 1,000 in what was the deadliest act of terrorism perpetrated on US soil at the time
  • Feb 26 9th Soap Opera Digest Awards - Days of Our Lives wins

Sports History

Feb 26 Allan Border beats Gavaskar's record for most Test Cricket runs 10,123

  • Feb 27 PBA National Championship Won by Ron Palombi Jr
  • Feb 28 "Anna Christie" closes at Criterion Theater, NYC, after 54 performances

Film & TV History

Feb 28 7th American Comedy Award: Jerry Seinfeld

  • Feb 28 Gun battle erupts near Waco, Texas at Branch Davidian compound after FBI attempts a raid
  • Feb 28 Iolanda Chen triple jumps world indoor record hop step (14.46m)

Famous Birthdays

  • Feb 4 Luke Newton, English actor (Colin in Bridgerton)
  • Feb 6 Tinashe [Kachingwe], American actress and singer (Nightride), born in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Feb 7 David Dorfman, American actor
  • Feb 7 Philip Wiegratz, German actor
  • Feb 10 Sterling Shepard, American NFL player (New York Giants), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Feb 12 Jennifer Stone, American actress, born in Arlington, Texas
  • Feb 19 Mauro Icardi, Argentine footballer (Paris Saint-Germain), born in Rosario, Argentina
  • Feb 19 Victoria Justice, American Actress (The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, Lola Martinez in Nickelodeon show Zoey 101)
  • Feb 26 Taylor Dooley, American actress (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl), born in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
  • Feb 27 Jessica Korda, American golfer (5 LPGA Tour titles), born in Bradenton, Florida

Famous Weddings

Mitch McConnell

Feb 6 US Senator Mitch McConnell (51) weds economist Elaine Chao

Tony Curtis

Feb 28 Tony Curtis weds Lisa Deutsch as his 4th wife

Famous Deaths

  • Feb 3 Karel Goeyvaerts, Flemish contemporary classical and minimalist composer (Zomerspelen/Summer Games; Aquarius), dies at 69
  • Feb 3 Reid Miles, American photographer, and album cover art designer (Blue Note Records, 1955-67), dies at 65
  • Feb 5 Jack Young, English cricketer (8 Tests for England 1947-49, 17 wickets), dies at 80
  • Feb 5 Joseph L Mankiewicz, American writer/director (All about Eve), dies at 83
  • Feb 5 Marcel Léger, Canadian politician, dies at 62
  • Feb 5 Tip Tipping [Tim], stuntman, dies in sky-diving accident at 34

Arthur AsheArthur Ashe (1943-1993)

Feb 6 American tennis player (US Open 1968, Australian Open 1970, Wimbledon & WCT Finals 1975; Davis Cup 1963, 68, 69, 70), dies of AIDS related pneumonia at 49

  • Feb 6 Frances Hunt, American actress (You're a Sweetheart), dies of stroke at 77
  • Feb 7 W Sybout A Colenbrander, Dutch historian/journalist, dies at 82
  • Feb 8 Casper van den Berg, Dutch poet (Fashionable inconvenience), dies
  • Feb 8 Douglas Heyes, American director and writer (Kitten with a Whip), dies at 73
  • Feb 8 Eliot Janeway, American financial columnist (Eliot Doomsday), dies at 80
  • Feb 8 Franz Schnyder, Swiss director (10th of May), dies at 82
  • Feb 8 N. Shanmugathasan, Sri Lankan communist leader
  • Feb 8 Paul Brickhill, Dutch-American WW II pilot and physician, dies
  • Feb 9 David Willis, British journalist (BBC World Service), dies at 54
  • Feb 9 Kate Wilkinson, actress (Clara-Another World), dies of cancer at 76
  • Feb 9 Nasrullah Mansoor, Afghan guerilla leader/governor of Paktia, dies
  • Feb 10 Fred Hollows, New Zealand ophthalmologist (b. 1929)
  • Feb 10 John Grossman, Czech director (Process, Revisor), dies
  • Feb 10 Maurice Bourges-Maunoury, Prime Minister of France (1957), dies
  • Feb 10 Rip Repulski, American baseball outfielder (MLB All Star 1956; World Series 1959), dies at 64
  • Feb 11 George A Stephen, inventor (Weber Kettle Grill), dies at 71
  • Feb 11 Joy Garrett, American actress (Jo Johnson-Days of Our Lives), dies of liver failure at 47
  • Feb 11 Oksana Kostina, Russian gymnast, dies in an auto accident
  • Feb 12 James Bulger, English child abducted, tortured and beaten to death at 2, by 10 year old boys
  • Feb 13 Agatha Hagtingius-Seger, Dutch author (Sparkles Chain), dies at 91
  • Feb 14 Buddy Pepper, composer, dies of heart failure at 70
  • Feb 15 George Wallington [Giacinto Figlia], Italian-American jazz pianist, composer ("Lemon Drop"; "Godchild"), and bandleader, dies at 68
  • Feb 16 Donald Phelps, American actor (Ghost Ship), dies of AIDS at 61
  • Feb 16 Richard Salant, news president (CBS-60 Minutes), dies at 78
  • Feb 17 Alfredo de Leon, leader (Philippines Red Scorpio Gang), killed
  • Feb 17 George E. Wilburn, film editor, dies of emphysema at 77
  • Feb 17 Leslie Townsend, English cricket all-rounder (England in 4 Tests 1930-34), dies at 89
  • Feb 18 Edward S "Ted" Haworth, US set designer (Sayonara, Marty), dies at 76
  • Feb 18 Jacqueline Hill, dies of cancer at 63
  • Feb 18 Kerry Von Erich, American professional wrestler (b. 1960)
  • Feb 18 Leslie Norman, English director and producer (Dunkirk), dies at 82
  • Feb 18 Michael David Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33
  • Feb 18 Patrick Waite, British reggae-rock bassist (Musical Youth - "Pass the Dutchie"), dies of heart defect at 24
  • Feb 19 Gerhard Gesell, judge (Pentagon Papers), dies of liver cancer at 82
  • Feb 19 Michael Morrison, actor (Caleb-As the World Turns), dies at 33
  • Feb 20 Ferruccio Lamborghini, Italian auto-designer (Lamborghini), dies at 76
  • Feb 21 Harvey Kurtzman, American cartoonist and founding editor of Mad magazine, dies at 68
  • Feb 21 Inge Lehmann, Danish geophysicist and seismologist, dies at 104
  • Feb 22 Jean Lecanuet, French UDF-presidential candidate, dies at 72
  • Feb 22 Pieter A H Bos, Dutch lawyer/procureur-general (Aruba), dies at 63
  • Feb 23 Edwin Louis Battle, actor (Almost Blue, Chase), dies of stroke at 33
  • Feb 24 Bobby Moore, English football defender (108 caps; captain World Cup 1966; West Ham United), dies of bowel & liver cancer at 51
  • Feb 24 Danny Gallivan, Canadian radio and television sportscaster, dies at 75
  • Feb 25 Eddie Constantine, American singer and actor (Alphaville, License to Kill, Lucky Jo, It Lives Again), dies from a heart attack at 79
  • Feb 25 Jan D Boeke, Dutch organist/conductor, dies
  • Feb 25 Jean G H "Sjeng" Tans, Dutch PM (social dem, 1965-69), dies
  • Feb 25 Mary Walter, Filipino actress (Shake, Rattle and Roll, Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa), dies at 80
  • Feb 25 Toy Caldwell, American Southern-rock musician (Marshall Tucker Band), dies of cocaine induced cardio-respiratory failure at 45
  • Feb 26 Constance Ford, American model and actress (Burden Hunt, Another World), dies from cancer at 69
  • Feb 26 Fletcher Knebel, American author (Seven Days in May), commits suicide following long bout with cancer at 81
  • Feb 26 Mark Kolthoff, Dutch painter and photographer, dies at 92
  • Feb 27 Jose Duval, actor (Juan Valdez), dies at 72
  • Feb 27 Lillian Gish, American silent film/stage actress (Birth of a Nation), dies at 99
  • Feb 27 Marģeris Zariņš, Latvian composer and writer, dies at 82
  • Feb 27 Marlena Davis, American pop singer (The Orlons - "Don't Hang Up"; "South Street"), dies of lung cancer at 48
  • Feb 28 Fer A Olthoff, Dutch WW II resistance fighter (Het Parool), dies
  • Feb 28 Franco Brusati, Italian dir/writer (Bread & Chocolate), dies at 70
  • Feb 28 Ishirō Honda, Japanese film director and producer (Godzilla), dies at 81
  • Feb 28 Joyce Carey, British actress (Brief Encounter, The Cedar Tree), dies at 94
  • Feb 28 Ruby Keeler, Canadian actress, singer, and dancer (42nd Street; Dames), dies of cancer at 82