What Happened in August 2016

Historical Events

  • Aug 1 Anthrax outbreak in Yamalo-Nenets, Siberia kills one and infects 8 others, also kills 2,300 reindeer, global warming blamed
  • Aug 5 31st Summer Olympics offically opens in Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Aug 9 Longest ever hunger strike ends, Indian human rights campaigner Irom Sharmila tastes honey after 16 years
  • Aug 11 A Greenland shark declared oldest vertebrate animal in the world at 392 years by international team of scientists
  • Aug 12 Cannes becomes first French resort to ban the burkini

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 12 American swimmer Katie Ledecky's medal tally of 4 golds, 1 silver make her the most decorated US female athlete at one Olympics, highest female of Rio games and 1st swimmer to win 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle at same Olympics since 1968

Swimmer Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 13 American swimmer Michael Phelps ends his career at Rio Olympics winning 4x100 medley relay, his 23rd Gold medal, as world's most decorated Olympian

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 14 Usain Bolt wins 100m Olympic gold at Rio - 1st man to win this event 3 times

Olympic Sprinter Usain Bolt
Olympic Sprinter
Usain Bolt
  • Aug 16 Wildfire breaks out in San Bernardino County, California, engulfing 15,000 acres, prompting evacuation of 82,000 people

Film release premierFilm Premier

Aug 16 "When the Levees Broke" documentary directed by Spike Lee, of effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans, premieres at New Orleans Arena

Director Spike Lee
Spike Lee
  • Aug 17 Flood waters recede in Louisiana leaving 13 dead and damaging 4,000 homes
  • Aug 20 Suicide bombing in Turkish city Gaziantep during a wedding party kills at least 51
  • Aug 21 31st Summer Olympics closes at Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Aug 24 Astronomers announce discovery of earth-like planet named Proxima b orbiting star Proxima Centauri
  • Aug 24 6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes central Italy, north east of Rome, killing 268, injuring 400
  • Aug 26 San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick kneels in protest during the US national anthem at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium while playing against the San Diego Chargers, objecting to racial injustice and police brutality in the US
  • Aug 29 Italian coastguard says 6,500 migrants rescued at sea in 40 separate incidents in 1 day off coast of Sabratha, Libya
  • Aug 31 Brazilian Senate votes to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, removing her from office

Famous Weddings

  • Aug 12 Singer-songwriter Ray J (35) weds Princess Love at the Vibiana in Los Angeles

HeartWedding of Interest

Aug 13 Comedian Kevin Hart (37) weds Eniko Parrish near Santa Barbara, California

Comedian and Actor Kevin Hart
Comedian and Actor
Kevin Hart
  • Aug 20 Stand-up comedian Chris Hardwick (31) weds actress Lydia Hearst (44) in Pasadena, California
  • Aug 20 Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen (31) weds Tom May in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Famous Deaths

  • Aug 1 Franciszek Macharski, Polish Cardinal, Archbishop of Krakow (1978-2005), dies at 87
  • Aug 1 Queen Anne of Romania [Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma], dies at 92
  • Aug 2 Forbes Carlile, Australian athlete and influential swimming coach, dies at 95
  • Aug 2 David Huddleston, American actor (The Big Lebowski), dies at 85
  • Aug 2 Ahmed Zewail, Egyptian-American chemist, (Nobel Prize 1999), dies at 70
  • Aug 3 Chris Amon, New Zealand Formula 1 racer, dies at 73
  • Aug 6 Pete Fountain, American jazz clarinetist (Lawrence Welk 1957-59), dies at 86
  • Aug 6 Helen Delich Bentley, American politician (Rep-R-MD, 1985-950, dies at 92
  • Aug 7 Edward Daly, Irish Bishop "Bloody Sunday" priest, dies at 82
  • Aug 8 Doris Bohrer [Sharrar], American WWII spy, dies at 93
  • Aug 9 Bob Kiley, American public transit specialist (New York, London), dies at 80
  • Aug 9 Gerald Grosvenor, English 6th Duke of Westminster and 3rd richest Britain, dies at 64
  • Aug 11 Hanif Mohammad, Pakistani cricketer (1952-69), longest test innings - 16 hours, dies at 81
  • Aug 13 Kenny Baker, English actor (R2D2-Star Wars), dies at 81
  • Aug 13 Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Indian Hindu spiritual leader (BAPS), dies at 94
  • Aug 14 Philip "Fyvush" Finkel, American actor (Boston Public, Picket Fences), dies at 93
  • Aug 14 Lita Roza, English singer ("How Much is That Doggie in the Window"), dies at 82
  • Aug 16 João Havelange, Brazilian industrialist and FIFA President 1974-98, dies at 100
  • Aug 16 John McLaughlin, American TV commentator (McLaughlin Group) and Nixon aide, dies at 89
  • Aug 17 Arthur Hiller, Canadian director (Love Story), dies at 92
  • Aug 19 Jack Riley, American actor (The Bob Newhart Show), dies at 80
  • Aug 19 Donald Henderson, American epidemiologist, led world campaign that eradicated smallpox, dies at 82
  • Aug 19 Nina Ponomareva Romaschkova, Soviet discus thrower (Olympic gold 1952, 60), involved in shoplift scandal, dies at 87
  • Aug 20 Brian Rix [Lord Rix], British actor and activist (Mencap), dies at 92
  • Aug 20 Irving Fields, American composer and pianist (Miami Beach Rhumba), dies at 101
  • Aug 22 Toots [Jean-Baptiste] Thielemans, Belgian-American jazz musician and composer, dies at 94
  • Aug 22 S. R. [Sellapan Ramanathan] Nathan, 6th President of Singapore (1999-2011), dies at 92
  • Aug 23 Reinhard Selten, German economist, (Nobel Prize 1994), dies at 85
  • Aug 23 Steven Hill, American actor (Mission Impossible, Law & Order), dies at 94
  • Aug 24 Walter Scheel, German politician, West German Foreign Minister and President, dies at 97
  • Aug 24 Roger Y. Tsien, American chemist (Nobel Prize 2008), dies at 64
  • Aug 24 Michel Butor, French novelist and essayist (La Modification), dies at 89
  • Aug 25 Sonia Rykiel, French fashion designer, dies at 86
  • Aug 25 James Cronin, American nuclear physicist (Physics Nobel Prize 1980), dies at 84
  • Aug 25 Marvin Kaplan, American actor (Top Cat, Henry-Alice), dies at 89
  • Aug 25 Rudy Van Gelder, American recording engineer (Miles Davis, John Coltrane), dies at 91
  • Aug 28 Juan Gabriel, [Alberto Aguilera Valadez], Mexican singer, dies at 66

Person of interestGene Wilder

Aug 29 Gene Wilder [Jerome Silberman], American actor (Blazing Saddles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), dies at 83

  • Aug 30 Věra Čáslavská, Czech gymnast (7 Olympic golds), dies at 74
  • Aug 30 Joe Sutter, American engineer and head of the Boeing 747 program, dies at 95
  • Aug 31 Jacques Leduc, Belgian composer, dies at 84