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What Happened on April 3

Important Events

  • 1645 English Long Parliament passes the Self-Denying Ordinance, limiting regional armies, significant step toward New Model Army
  • 1922 Joseph Stalin is appointed General Secretary of the Russian Communist Party by an ailing Vladimir Lenin
  • 1948 US President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan ($5B aid to 16 European countries)
  • 1973 1st mobile phone call is made in downtown Manhattan, NYC by Motorola employee Martin Cooper to the Bell Labs headquarters in New Jersey
  • 2016 Panama Papers published - 11.5 million confidential documents from offshore law firm Mossack Fonseca expose widespread illegal activities including fraud, kleptocracy, tax evasion and the violation of international sanctions by the world's elite in the world's largest ever data leak
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Apr 3 in Film & TV

Apr 3 in Music

  • 1960 Elvis Presley records ‘It's Now Or Never’, ‘Fever’ and ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’ at RCA studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Apr 3 in Sport

Did You Know?

American outlaw Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford at home in St Joseph

On April 3, 1882

Would You Believe?

A Hawaiian surfs on highest wave ever - a 50-foot tidal wave

On April 3, 1868

Famous Weddings

  • 1920 Novelist and short story writer F. Scott Fitzgerald (23) weds novelist Zelda Sayre (19) at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York
  • 1951 Actress and singer Doris Day (29) marries producer Martin Melcher (35) in Burbank
  • 1995 Canadian actress Neve Campbell (21) weds Canadian bartender and actor Jeff Colt; divorce in 1998

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