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What Happened on August 12

Important Events

  • 1121 Battle of Didgori: the Georgian army under King David the Builder wins a decisive victory over the famous Seljuk commander Ilghazi
  • 1480 Battle of Otranto - Ottoman troops behead 800 Christians for refusing to convert to Islam
  • 1851 American inventor Isaac Singer patents the sewing machine
  • 1908 Henry Ford's company builds the first Model T car
  • 1981 IBM introduces its first Personal Computer (PC & PC-DOS version 1.0)
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Aug 12 in Film & TV

  • 1927 "Wings", one of only two silent films - the other being The Artist in 2011 - to win an Oscar for best picture, opens starring Clara Bow (Outstanding Picture 1929)

Aug 12 in Music

  • 1991 Heavy metal band Metallica release their 5th album "Metallica", debuts at No. 1 on Billboard 200 chart

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The last quagga (zebra subspecies with less slashes) dies at the Artis Magistra zoo in Amsterdam.

On August 12, 1883

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Self-proclaimed Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton of the USA issues edict abolishing the Democratic and Republican parties

On August 12, 1869

Famous Weddings

  • 1806 Frontiersman Davy Crockett (20) weds Polly Finley in Tennessee
  • 1940 PGA golfer Sam Snead (28) weds high school sweetheart Audrey Karnes
  • 1941 "I Love Lucy" actress Vivan Vance (32) weds actor Philip Ober (39)

Famous Divorces

  • 2011 Rock singer John Mellencamp (59) divorces model Elaine Irwin (41) after 18 years of marriage
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