What Happened on August 13

Significant Events

  • 1521 Spanish conquistadors under Hernán Cortés capture Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc in Tenochtitlan marking the end of the Aztec Empire
  • 1536 Buddhist monks from Kyōto's Enryaku Temple set fire to 21 Nichiren temples throughout Kyoto in the Tenbun Hokke Disturbance. (Traditional Japanese date: July 27, 1536).
  • 1642 Dutch astronomer Christiaan Huygens discovers Martian south polar cap
  • 1788 Prussia joins Anglo-Dutch alliance to form Triple Alliance to prevent spread of Russo-Swedish War of 1788-90
  • 1937 Second Sino-Japanese War: Japanese forces begin the Battle of Shanghai, a conflict that will last 3 months and involve 1 million troops
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Construction of the Berlin Wall begins in East Germany

On August 13, 1961

Would You Believe?

Otto Witte, a German acrobat and fantasist, is purportedly crowned King of Albania.

On August 13, 1913

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