What Happened on August 3

Significant Events

  • 1492 Christopher Columbus sets sail on his first voyage with three ships, Santa María, Pinta and Niña from Palos de la Frontera, Spain for the "Indies"
  • 1596 David Fabricius discovers light variation of Mira (1st variable star)
  • 1914 Germany invades Belgium & declares war on France in WW I
  • 1934 Adolf Hitler merges the offices of German Chancellor and President, declaring himself "Führer" (leader)
  • 1972 U.S. Senate ratifies the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
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Did You Know?

First known letter sent from North America by John Rut while at St. John's, Newfoundland

On August 3, 1527

Famous Weddings

  • 1824 Inventor Charles Goodyear (23) weds Clarissa Beecher
  • 1932 Austro-Hungarian-American theatre and film director Otto Preminger (26) weds Marion Mill
  • 2000 British PM Gordon Brown (49) weds Sarah Jane Macaulay (36) in North Queensferry, Fife
  • 2013 Actor and model Kevin Zegers (28) weds talent agent Jaime Feld in New Jersey

Famous Divorces

  • 1979 Professional boxer George Foreman (30) divorces Cynthia Lewis after more than a year of marriage
  • 2012 Music legend Stevie Wonder (63) divorces fashion designer Kai Millard Morris due to irreconcilable differences after 11 years of marriage
  • 2015 Singer Gwen Stefani and musician Gavin Rossdale announce their intention to divorce after nearly 13 years of marriage
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