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What Happened on December 10

Important Events

  • 1520 Martin Luther publicly burns papal edict demanding he recant
  • 1684 Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the paper De motu corporum in gyrum, is read to the Royal Society by Edmond Halley

Dec 10 in Film & TV

Dec 10 in Music

  • 2016 Bob Dylan is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature at a ceremony he does not attend in Stockholm

Dec 10 in Sport

  • 1831 "Spirit of the Times" begins publishing in New York City, the premier sports journal of the 19th century

Did You Know?

"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain is first published in the UK and Canada (US Feb 1885, due to printing error)

On December 10, 1884

Would You Believe?

The "Great Emu War" ends: Emu's surprising resilience to bullets led to Emu victory over Australian military in Campion district, Western Australia

On December 10, 1932

Famous Weddings

  • 1843 Author and religious leader Mary Baker Eddy (22) weds building contractor George Washington Glover (32) in Tilton, New Hampshire
  • 1947 Jazz musician Ella Fitzgerald (30) weds bass player Ray Brown (21); divorce 1953
  • 1961 Dr Ruth marries Fred Westheimer

Famous Divorces

  • 1997 Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel (59) divorces Linda Joan Bork after 38 years of marriage

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