What Happened on December 27

Significant Events

  • 1512 Spanish Crown issues the Laws of Burgos, governing the conduct of settlers with regards to native Indians in the New World
  • 1657 Flushing Remonstrance petition signed in the Dutch colony of New Netherland protesting ban on Quaker worship
  • 1939 Between 20,000 & 40,000 die in magnitude 8 quake in Erzincam, Turkey
  • 1945 International Monetary Fund formally established by 29 member countries based on ideas of Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes
  • 1949 Queen Juliana of the Netherlands grants independence to Indonesia
  • 1979 Soviet troops invade Afghanistan, President Hafizullah Amin overthrown
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Did You Know?

Ether 1st used in childbirth in US in Jefferson, Georgia

On December 27, 1845

Would You Believe?

NASA unveils plans to capture a 500 ton asteroid in 2025

On December 27, 2012

Famous Weddings

  • 1925 Inventor George Gallup (24) weds Ophelia Smith Miller
  • 1950 Actor Henry Fonda (45) weds socialite and third wife Susan Blanchard (22) in New York City
  • 1953 Broadcasting pioneer Roone Arledge (22) weds Joan Heise at St. Frances de Chantal Parish in Wantagh, New York
  • 1972 Actor Billy Dee Williams (35) weds Teruko Nakagami
  • 2006 Supermodel Niki Taylor (31) weds NASCAR driver Burney Lamar (26) at The Grande Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, California

Famous Divorces

  • 2011 "New Girl" actress Zooey Deschanel (31) divorces "Death Cab for Cutie" singer Ben Gibbard (35) due to irreconcilable differences
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