What Happened on January 16

Significant Events

  • 27 BC The title Augustus is bestowed upon Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian by the Roman Senate
  • 1412 The Medici family is appointed official banker of the Papacy
  • 1547 Ivan IV the Terrible (17) crowns himself first tsar of Moscow
  • 1793 French King Louis XVI sentenced to death by the National Convention during the French Revolution
  • 1913 British House of Commons accepts Home Rule for Ireland (but the Great War gets in the way of it happening)
  • 1920 1st assembly of the League of Nations is held in Paris
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Did You Know?

Daily newspaper comic strip "Superman" debuts

On January 16, 1939

Would You Believe?

First ever flower grown in space - a zinnia aboard the International Space Station using NASA Veggie system

On January 16, 2016

Famous Weddings

  • 1325 Laure de Noves, beloved of Petrarch, marries Hugues de Sade
  • 1864 White chapel murder victims Mary Ann Nichols (18) weds printer's machinist William Nichols
  • 1865 Confederate Brigadier-General John Pegram marries Hetty Cary (US Civil War)
  • 1921 Politician Elpidio Quirino (30) weds girlfriend Alicia Syquia
  • 1954 Painter Marcel Duchamp (66) weds Alexina Duchamp (48) in New York City
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