What Happened on June 23

Significant Events

  • 930 World's oldest parliament, the Icelandic Parliament, the Alþingi (anglicised as Althing or Althingi), established
  • 1868 Christopher Latham Sholes patents the typewriter with a QWERTY keyboard
  • 1894 The International Olympic Committee is founded at the Sorbonne, Paris, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin
  • 1960 1st contraceptive pill is made available for purchase in the U.S.
  • 1972 Hurricane Agnes becomes America's costliest natural disaster, effecting 15 states, with 119 deaths and $3 billion in damage
  • 1974 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space
  • 2016 Brexit referendum: United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union
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Did You Know?

Frederick Douglass is 1st African-American nominated for US President

On June 23, 1888

Would You Believe?

Longest game in Professional Baseball: Pawtucket Red Sox finally beat Rochester Red Wings 3-2 in 33 innings (game began 18th April)

On June 23, 1981

Famous Weddings

  • 1930 Businessman Nelson Rockefeller (21) weds Mary Todhunter Clark
  • 1930 Diplomat Ralph Bunche (25) weds Ruth Harris
  • 1954 Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg (21) weds taxation law expert Martin D. Ginsburg
  • 1967 John Entwistle of rock group Who weds Alison Wise
  • 1996 Five-time Olympic speed skater gold medalist Bonnie Blair (32) weds four-time Olympian Dave Cruikshank (27) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Famous Divorces

  • 1993 Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) files for divorce from Lawrence Mortorff
  • 2016 Actress and singer Mandy Moore and singer-songwriter Ryan Adams divorce after 7 years
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