On This Day

What Happened on June 29

Important Events

  • 1613 Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, burns down during a performance of "Henry VIII"
  • 1900 The Imperial Chinese Court issues what is essentially a declaration of war against foreigners in China blaming them for hostilities and giving license to the Boxers for even greater ferocity

Jun 29 in Film & TV

  • 1964 1st draft of Star Trek's pilot "Cage" released

Jun 29 in Music

  • 1888 First (known) recording of classical music made, Handel's Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder

Jun 29 in Sport

  • 1958 FIFA World Cup Final, Råsunda Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden: Vavá & Pelé each score 2 goals as Brazil beats Sweden, 5-2

Did You Know?

World's first female diocesan Anglican bishop, Dr Penny Jamieson, appointed in New Zealand

On June 29, 1990

Would You Believe?

Thomas Beatie, the world's first pregnant man, gives birth to a daughter

On June 29, 2008

Famous Weddings

  • 1822 Nephew of Napoleon, biologist and ornithologist Prince Charles Bonaparte marries cousin Zenaide Bonaparte
  • 1854 English Novelist and author of "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Brontë marries curate Arthur Bell Nicholls
  • 1931 Actress Mary Astor (25) weds Dr. Franklyn Thorpe

Famous Divorces

  • 1762 Russian Tsar Peter III divorces his wife Catherine II
  • 1943 Actor Jackie Coogan (28) divorces actress Flower Parry after almost 2 years of marriage
  • 2012 Actress Katie Holmes (33) divorces American film actor and producer Tom Cruise (50) allegedly due to disagreement about their religious beliefs and the raising of their daughter Suri, after 5 years of marriage

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