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What Happened on March 21

Important Events

  • 1349 Between 100 and 3,000 Jews are killed in Black Death riots in Erfurt, Germany
  • 1804 Napoleonic Code adopted in France, stresses clearly written and accessible law
  • 1871 Journalist Henry Morton Stanley begins his famous expedition to Africa
  • 1975 Ethiopia abolishes its monarchy after 3,000 years
  • 2014 Russia formally annexes Crimea amid international condemnation
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Mar 21 in Film & TV

Mar 21 in Music

  • 1961 The Beatles' first appearance at the Cavern Club in Liverpool

Mar 21 in Sport

  • 1984 NFL owners passed the infamous anti-celebrating rule

Did You Know?

The European Space Agency reveals new data that indicates that the universe is 13.82 billion years old

On March 21, 2013

Would You Believe?

Yogi the bear becomes the 1st creature to be ejected at supersonic speeds by the US military testing ejection seats

On March 21, 1962

Famous Weddings

  • 1874 Ulysses S. Grant's daughter Nellie marries in the White House
  • 1891 A Hatfield marries a McCoy, ends long feud in West Virginia it started with an accusation of pig-stealing & lasted 20 years
  • 1941 Actress Hattie McDaniel (45) weds real estate salesman James Lloyd Crawford

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