What Happened on March 24

Significant Events

  • 1603 Scottish King James VI son of Mary Queen of Scots, becomes King James I of England in succession to Elizabeth I, thus joining the English and Scottish crowns.
  • 1721 Johann Sebastian Bach dedicates his Brandenburg Concertos to Christian Ludwig, Margrave of Brandenburg-Schwedt
  • 1837 Canada gives its black citizens the right to vote
  • 1882 German scientist Robert Koch discovers and describes the tubercle bacillus which causes tuberculosis ( Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
  • 1976 Argentine President Isabel Martínez de Perón is deposed in a military coup
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Kosovo War: NATO commences air bombardment against Yugoslavia, marking the first time NATO has attacked a sovereign country.

On March 24, 1999

Would You Believe?

"Census of the British Empire" shows Great Britain rules 1/5th of the world

On March 24, 1906

Famous Weddings

  • 1891 56th UK Prime Minister Bonar Law (32) weds Annie Robley at West Free Church in Helensburgh, Scotland
  • 1896 Writer "Heart of Darkness" Joseph Conrad (39) marries Englishwoman Jessie George (23)
  • 1921 Comedian Oliver Hardy (29) marries actress Myrtle Reeves (24)
  • 1950 Actress Ingrid Bergman (34) weds Roberto Rossellini
  • 1952 Author of 'James Bond' novels, journalist and secret intelligence agent Ian Fleming marries Anne Geraldine Charteris

Famous Divorces

  • 1994 Robert F Kennedy Jr divorces Emily Black
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