What Happened on March 29

Significant Events

  • 1549 The city of Salvador da Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, is founded
  • 1795 Ludwig van Beethoven (24) has his debut performance as a pianist in Vienna
  • 1901 Edmund Barton is elected Prime Minister in Australia's first parliamentary election
  • 1912 Captain Robert Scott, storm-bound in a tent near South Pole, makes last entry in his diary "the end cannot be far"
  • 1961 After a 4½ year trial Nelson Mandela is acquitted of treason in Pretoria
  • 1974 Chinese farmers discover the Terracotta Army near Xi'an, 8,000 clay warrior statues buried to guard the tomb of China's 1st emperor, Qin Shi Huang
  • 1999 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at 10006.78 - above the 10,000 mark for the first time ever
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Did You Know?

The Republic of Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places, including bars and restaurants

On March 29, 2004

Would You Believe?

Beatle records officially go on sale in Russia

On March 29, 1986

Famous Weddings

  • 1797 Writer Mary Wollstonecraft marries philopher and journalist William Godwin
  • 1813 John Tyler (23) later 10th US President, marries 1st wife Letitia Christian Tyler (22)
  • 1929 Actress and dancer Ginger Rogers (17) weds her dancing partner Jack Pepper (26)
  • 1943 Author John Steinbeck (41) weds Gwyndolyn Conger
  • 1975 Molecular biologist Peter Agre (26) weds Mary Macgill
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