What Happened on March 9

Historical Events

  • 141 BC Liu Che, posthumously known as Emperor Wu of Han, assumes the throne of the Han Dynasty in China and rules for 54 years
  • 1522 Martin Luther begins preaching his "Invocavit Sermons" in the German city of Wittenberg, reminding citizens to trust God's word rather than violence and thus helping bring to a close the revolutionary stage of the Reformation
  • 1776 Adam Smith publishes the influential economics book "The Wealth of Nations"

Mar 9 in Film & TV

Mar 9 in Music

Mar 9 in Sport

  • 1908 Italian football club Inter Milan founded as Foot-Ball Club Internazionale

Did You Know?

Barbie makes her debut at the American Toy Fair in New York. Over a billion have been sold worldwide since.

On March 9, 1959

Would You Believe?

Last Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in the Philippines, surrenders, 29 years after World War II ended

On March 9, 1974

Famous Weddings

  • 1796 French Leader Napoléon Bonaparte (26) marries 1st wife Joséphine de Beauharnais (32), changing her name from Rose
  • 1902 Austrian composer Gustav Mahler (41) marries Alma Schindler (22) in Vienna, Austria
  • 1985 Actors Laura Johnson (Falcon Crest) & Harry Hamlin (LA Law) wed

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