What Happened on May 18

Significant Events

  • 1291 Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Khalil and his forces take the last Christian stronghold of Acre
  • 1804 Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France by the French Senate
  • 1896 Khodynka Tragedy: A mass panic on Khodynka Field, Moscow, during the festivities of the coronation of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, results in the deaths of 1,389 people
  • 1974 India becomes the sixth nation to explode an atomic bomb
  • 2009 Sri Lankan Civil War: The LTTE are defeated by the Sri Lankan government, ending almost 26 years of fighting between the two sides.
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Did You Know?

"Dracula", by Irish author Bram Stoker is published by Archibald Constable and Company in London

On May 18, 1897

Would You Believe?

Academy Award 1st called Oscar in print by Sidney Skolsky

On May 18, 1934

Famous Weddings

  • 1152 Eleanor of Aquitaine marries Henri of Anjou, handing the future King Henry II of England most of France, allowing future kings of England to claim France for centuries thereafter
  • 1514 Francis, Duke of Valois, later Francis I marries Claude, Duchess of Brittany
  • 1964 Guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (19) weds Margrit Volkmar
  • 1996 NFL Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly (36) weds former marketing director Jill Waggoner (27) at St. Christopher's Catholic Church in suburban Buffalo
  • 1996 "As the World Turns" actor Shawn Christian (30) weds personal trainer Deborah Quinn in Gun Lake, Michigan

Famous Divorces

  • 1989 Lisa Strawberry files for divorce from Darryl
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