What Happened on May 24

Significant Events

  • 1595 Nomenclator of Leiden University Library appears, the first printed catalog of an institutional library.
  • 1738 John Wesley is converted, launching the Methodist movement; the day is celebrated annually by Methodists as Aldersgate Day.
  • 1844 Samuel Morse taps out "What hath God wrought" in the world's first telegraph message
  • 1941 German battleship Bismarck sinks the British battle cruiser HMS Hood; 1,416 die, 3 survive
  • 1988 Section 28 is passed as law by Parliament in the United Kingdom which prohibited the promotion of homosexuality. Repealed 2001/2004
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Did You Know?

"Mary Had A Little Lamb" by Sarah Josepha Hale is first published by Boston firm Marsh, Capen & Lyon

On May 24, 1830

Famous Weddings

  • 1917 Writer Walter Lippmann (27) weds Faye Albertson
  • 1935 Swedish princess Ingrid marries Danish crown prince Frederik (IX)
  • 1986 Country singer Garth Brooks marries songwriter Sandy Mahl
  • 1995 Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar (22) weds pediatrician Anjali Mehta (28)
  • 2002 Princess Martha Louise of Norway (30) weds author Ari Behn (29) in Trondheim
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