What Happened on October 22

Significant Events

  • 1633 Battle of Liaoluo Bay: Dutch East India Company defeated by Chinese Ming naval forces in southern Fujian sea
  • 1721 Tsar Peter the Great becomes "All-Russian Imperator"
  • 1879 Thomas Edison perfects carbonized cotton filament light bulb
  • 1884 International Meridian Conference in Washington, D.C. adopts Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) worldwide, creating 24 international time zones with longitude zero at the Greenwich meridian
  • 1907 Panic of 1907: A run on Knickerbocker Trust Company stock leads to US wide run on banks
  • 1962 Cuban missile crisis: US President John F. Kennedy addresses TV about Russian missile bases in Cuba and imposes a naval blockade on Cuba, beginning the missile crisis
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Did You Know?

World's first car dealer opens in London

On October 22, 1897

Would You Believe?

In Paris an express train overruns a buffer stop, crosses more than 30 meters of concourse before plummeting through a window at Gare Montparnasse

On October 22, 1895

Famous Weddings

  • 1945 Argentine military officer and politician Juan Perón (50) weds actress Eva Perón (26) at a civil ceremony in Junin
  • 1948 Farm labor leader Cesar Chavez (21) weds labor activist Helen Fabela (20) in Reno, Nevada
  • 1967 Actor Morgan Freeman (30) weds Jeanette Adair Bradshaw
  • 1970 Singer James Brown (37) weds Deidre Jenkins in Barnwell, South Carolina
  • 1981 Best-selling author Michael Crichton (39) weds broadcast journalist Suzanne Childs

Famous Divorces

  • 2007 Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson (40) divorces actress Kate Hudson (28) due to irreconcilable differences after nearly six years of marriage
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