What Happened on October 4

Significant Events

  • 1537 The first complete English-language Bible (the Matthew Bible) is printed, with translations by William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale.
  • 1883 The Orient Express departs on its first official journey from Paris to Instanbul
  • 1900 In a final confrontation, some 4000 Ashantis are defeated by the British in Gold Coast (Ghana)
  • 1957 USSR launches Sputnik I, 1st artificial Earth satellite
  • 2006 WikiLeaks is launched, created by internet activist Julian Assange
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Gutzon Borglum begins sculpting Mt. Rushmore (works on till 1941)

On October 4, 1927

Would You Believe?

End of the Battle of Lake Poyang; the Chinese rebel forces of Zhu Yuanzhang defeat that of his rival, Chen Youliang, one of the largest naval battles in history with 850,000 taking part (approx.)

On October 4, 1363

Famous Weddings

  • 1539 English King Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves, his 4th wife
  • 1767 Prince Willem V marries Prussian princess Wilhelmina
  • 1795 "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" poet Samuel Coleridge (22) marries Sarah Fricker
  • 1795 Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (22) weds Sara Fricker in Bristol, England
  • 1802 English romantic poet William Wordsworth (32) marries childhood friend Mary Hutchinson

Famous Divorces

  • 2016 Singer Gwen Stefani and musician Gavin Rossdale divorce after 13 years of marriage
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