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What Happened on September 1

Historical Events

  • 1715 King Louis XIV of France dies after a reign of 72 years—the longest of any major European monarch.
  • 1878 1st female telephone operator starts work, Emma Nutt for the Edwin Holmes Telephone Despatch Company in Boston
  • 1905 Wilfrid Laurier oversees Alberta and Saskatchewan joining the Confederation of Canada as its 8th and 9th Canadian provinces
  • 1939 World War II starts when Germany invades Poland by attacking the Free City of Danzig
  • 1941 Jews living in Germany are required to wear a yellow star of David
  • 1951 US, Australia and New Zealand sign the ANZUS mutual defense treaty
  • 1969 Colonel Muammar Gaddafi deposes King Idris in the Libyan revolution
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Sep 1 in Film & TV

Sep 1 in Music

  • 1785 Mozart publishes 6th string quartet opus 10 in Vienna

Sep 1 in Sport

  • 1972 American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer beats Russian champion Boris Spassky 12.5-8.5 in Reykjavik, Iceland; most publicised world title match ever played; Fischer 1st American to win title

Did You Know?

United Nations announces Earth's population has hit 3 billion

On September 1, 1962

Would You Believe?

The last passenger pigeon, a female named Martha, dies in captivity in the Cincinnati Zoo (Cincinnati, Ohio)

On September 1, 1914

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

  • 1961 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (42) divorces American film producer James Hill (45) after 3-1/2 years of marriage

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