What Happened on September 22

Historical Events

  • 1692 Last people hanged for witchcraft (8) in the US, 19 hanged overall, with six other deaths during Salem Witch Trials
  • 1792 French First Republic formed by the National Convention, stripping the French king of his powers
  • 1862 US President Abraham Lincoln issues preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, threatening to free all enslaved people in the rebel southern states if those states fail to re-join the Union by January 1, 1863 [1]
  • 1965 India and Pakistan cease-fire goes into effect, ending the Indo-Pakistani War
  • 1980 Iraq invades Iran in an attempt to control the Shatt al-Arab waterway
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Sep 22 in Film & TV

Sep 22 in Music

  • 1869 Richard Wagner's opera "Das Rheingold" (the 1st piece of his "Ring" cycle) premieres in Munich, Germany

Sep 22 in Sport

  • 1920 Chicago grand jury convenes to investigate charges that 8 White Sox players conspired to fix the 1919 World Series

Did You Know?

Robert Walpole becomes the first British "Prime Minister" (actually First Lord of the Treasury) to live at 10 Downing Street

On September 22, 1735

Would You Believe?

Benjamin Franklin publishes a hoax letter "An Edict by the King of Prussia" in the Public Advertiser, criticising Britain's colonial policies in the American colonies

On September 22, 1773

Famous Weddings

Famous Divorces

  • 2000 Actress Patsy Kensit (32) divorces Oasis singer Liam Gallagher (28) due to unreasonable behaviour after 3 years of marriage

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