Famous People Who Died in 1307

  • Jan 13 Arnoud van Foreest, Dom deacon of Utrecht, dies

Temür KhanTemür Khan (1265-1307)

Feb 10 Second Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty (1294-1307), grandson and successor to Kublai Khan, dies at 41

  • Apr 7 Joan of Acre, daughter of Edward I of England (b. 1271)
  • Jul 4 Rudolf I, Habsburg nobleman (King of Bohemia, 1306-07; Duke of Austria and Styria 1298-1307), dies of stomach issues at about 26

Edward IEdward I (1239-1307)

Jul 7 King of England (1272-1307) who subdued Wales, warred against Scotland and expelled Jews from England, dies of dystenery at 68