Famous People Who Died in 1464

  • Jan 8 Thomas Ebendorfer, Austrian historian (b. 1385)
  • Feb 23 Zhu Qizhen, Chinese Emperor Yingzong of Ming (1435-49 and 1457-64), dies at 36 but not before giving an order to end the practice of burying alive concubines and palace maids so that they could follow emperors to the next world
  • May 17 Thomas de Ros, 9th Baron de Ros of Helmsley, English politician, executed at 36
  • Jun 18 Rogier van der Weyden, Flemish painter, dies at 65

Cosimo de' Medici (1389-1464)

Aug 1 Italian banker, de facto ruler of Florence and patron of the arts, dies at 74

  • Aug 11 Nicholas van Cusa, philosopher/bishop of Brixen, dies
  • Aug 15 Pius II [Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini], Italian Pope (1458-64), (Commentaries - only biography by a reigning Pope), dies at 58
  • Aug 17 Nikolaus von Cusa, German theologist/mathematician/philosopher, dies