On This Day

Famous People Who Died in 1471

  • Jan 18 Emperor Go-Hanazono, 102nd Emperor of Japan, dies at 51
  • Feb 21 John of Rokycan, Czech Catholic archbishop
  • Mar 12 Dionysius the Carthusian [Denis Ryckel], Flemish scholastic theologist, dies at 69
  • Mar 14 Thomas Malory, English writer (Le Morte d'Arthur), dies at 55
  • Mar 22 George van Podiebrad, king of Bohemia (1458-71), dies
  • Apr 14 Richard Neville [16th Earl of Warwick], English nobleman and military commander known as Warwick the Kingmaker, slain in battle at 42
  • May 1 Thomas a Kempis, German Dutch spiritual writer (Navolging of Christ), dies at 91
  • May 4 Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales, dies at 17, becoming the only heir apparent to the English throne to ever die in battle
  • May 4 Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset, English military commander (executed)
  • May 21 King Henry VI of England (1422-1471) is executed in the Tower of London at 49
  • Jul 25 John Soreth, French general, dies
  • Jul 26 Pope Paul II [Pietro Barbo], Italian Pope (1464-71), dies at 54
  • Dec 17 Isabella of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy, dies at 74