Famous People Who Died in 1503

  • Feb 11 Elizabeth of York, Queen Consort of England and wife of King Henry VII, dies of a post-partum infection on her 37th birthday
  • Feb 15 Henry Deane, Archbishop of Canterbury (1501-03), dies
  • Apr 7 [Zoe] Sophia Palaiologina, Byzantine princess, wife of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow, dies (b. 1449)
  • May 20 Lorenzo de Medici, Italian patron (b. 1463)
  • Aug 18 Alexander VI [Rodrigo de Borja], Spanish Pope controversial for acknowledging his children (1492-1503), dies at 72
  • Oct 18 Pius III [Francesco Todeschini], Pope (9/22-10/18/1503), dies
  • Nov 23 Bona of Savoy, Italian Duchess of Milan, dies at 54
  • Nov 23 Margaret of York (Margaret of Burgendy), wife of Charles I, Duke of Burgundy, dies at 57
  • Dec 28 Piero di Lorenzo de' Medici [Piero the Unfortunate], Italian ruler of Florence (1492-94), dies at 31