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Famous People Who Died in 1525

  • Feb 24 Guillaume Gouffier, seigneur de Bonnivet, French soldier

Person of interestCuauhtémoc

Feb 28 Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec Emperor (1520 - 1521), tortured and killed by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés

The Last Aztec Emperor Cuauhtémoc
The Last Aztec Emperor
  • Apr 3 Giovanni Rucellai, Italian poet (Le Api), dies at 49
  • May 5 Frederick III [Frederick the Wise], Elector of Saxony (1486-25) who protected his subject Martin Luther, dies at 62
  • May 27 Thomas Muentzer, German rebel leader
  • Jul 22 Richard Wingfield, English diplomat
  • Sep 15 Jan de Bakker [Johannes Pistorius], Roman Catholic priest who was the first preacher in Northern Netherlands to be put to death as a direct result of his Protestant beliefs, burned at the stake at 26
  • Oct 20 Joannes Custos, S Neth humanist, dies at about 50
  • Nov 17 Eleanor of Viseu, Queen of Portugal (1481-95), dies at 67
  • Dec 30 Jacob Fugger, German banker/merchant, dies at 66