Famous People Who Died in 1530

  • Apr 18 Francois Lambert d'avignon, French church reformer, dies at ~43
  • Apr 24 Jacopo Sannazaro, Italian poet (De partu Virginis), dies at 74
  • Aug 3 Philibert Chalon, prince of Orange/viceroy of Naples, dies
  • Sep 29 Andrea del Sato [d'Agnolo di Franceszo], Italian painter, dies at 44
  • Nov 29 Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal, adviser and Lord Chancellor, (1515-29) to England's King Henry VIII, dies just before facing treason trial at about 55
  • Dec 1 Margaretha of Austria, governess of the Netherlands, dies at 51

BaburBabur (1483-1530)

Dec 26 Timurid founder and 1st Emperor of the Mughal dynasty in the Indian Subcontinent (1526-30), dies at 47