On This Day

Famous People Who Died in 1556

  • Mar 19 Lieven van der Maude [Ammonius], South Netherlands poet, dies at 70
  • Mar 21 Thomas Cranmer, English reformer, Archbishop of Canterbury (1533-55), burned at stake at 66
  • Apr 18 Luigi Alamanni, Italian poet (Flora, Antigone), dies at 61
  • May 28 Saitō Dōsan, Japanese daimyo (b. 1494?)
  • Jun 10 Martin Agricola [M Sore], German composer/cantor, dies
  • Jul 31 Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Spanish knight from a Basque noble family, hermit, priest, theologian and founder of the Society of Jesus, dies in Rome at about 65
  • Aug 25 David Jorisz, Flemish glass blower/sect leader, dies at about 54
  • Oct 31 John Sleidanus, German humanist/historian (Commentary), dies at 50
  • Nov 10 Richard Chancellor, English explorer, dies in shipwreck off Scotland
  • Nov 14 Giovanni Della Casa, Italian poet (Galateo), dies at 53
  • Dec 23 Nicholas Udall, English playwright (wrote the 1st comedy in English "Ralph Roister Doister") dies at about 52