Famous People Who Died in 1568

  • Feb 15 Hendrik van Brederode, Dutch noble (Compromise of Nobles), dies at 36
  • Feb 19 Miles Coverdale, English Bishop and co-translator of the 1st complete Bible in English (Coverdale Bible), dies at 80

Albert of Prussia (1490-1568)

Mar 20 1st Duke of Prussia, dies at 77

  • May 23 Adolf van Nassau, German son of William I and Juliana of Stolberg, dies in battle at 27
  • Jun 1 18 nobles beheaded in Brussels for treason and heresy by Duke of Alva and authority of Council of Troubles
  • Jun 1 Gijsbert van Bronkhorst-Batenburg, calvinist leader, beheaded
  • Jun 3 AndrĂ©s de Urdaneta, Spanish Augustinian friar, and explorer (solved puzzle of Pacific Winds making settlement of Philippines possible), dies at 59 [exact birthdate uncertain, late 1507 - early 1508)
  • Jun 5 Lamoral, Count of Egmont, Flemish general and statesman executed at 45
  • Jun 5 Philips van Montmorency count of Horne, admiral/statesman, beheaded
  • Jun 5 Willem Key, Flemish Renaissance painter, dies at about 47
  • Jul 2 Don Carlos, Prince of Asturias, son of Spanish King Philip II, dies after a year of imprisonment by his father for being mentally unstable at about 23
  • Jul 6 Johann Oporinus, Swiss book publisher/publisher, dies at 61
  • Sep 24 Antoon van Stralen, Flemish mayor of Antwerp, beheaded at about 47
  • Oct 3 Elisabeth of Valois, daughter of King Henry II of France and 3rd wife of Philip II of Spain, dies in childbirth at 23
  • Oct 14 Jacques Arcadelt, Flemish composer
  • Oct 28 Ashikaga Yoshihide, Japanese shogun (b. 1539)
  • Dec 23 Roger Ascham, tutor of Elizabeth I of England
  • Dec 31 Shimazu Tadayoshi, Japanese warlord, dies at 75