On This Day

Famous People Who Died in 1703

  • Jan 11 Johann Georg Graevius, German classical scholar and critic (b. 1632)
  • Jan 16 Matteo Coferati, composer, dies at 64
  • Jan 30 Kiva Yoshinaka, Japanese retainer for the Shogun, murdered in the revenge of the 47 rōnin

Robert Hooke

Mar 3 Robert Hooke, English scientific genius (Micrographia), dies at 67

Scientist Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke
  • Mar 20 Johann Kunckel/Kunkel, German alchemist/ambassador to Sweden, dies
  • Mar 31 Johann Christoph Bach, German composer, dies at 60
  • Apr 20 Lancelot Addison, English royal chaplain (b. 1632)
  • Apr 26 Georg Christoph Leuttner, German composer, dies at 58
  • May 3 Eglon van de Down, still-life painter, dies

Charles Perrault

May 16 Charles Perrault, French author and fairy tale writer (Tales of Mother Goose), dies at 75

Fairytale Writer Charles Perrault
Fairytale Writer
Charles Perrault
  • May 21 Roemer Vlacq, Dutch admiral, dies in battle

Samuel Pepys

May 26 Samuel Pepys, English navy administrator and Member of Parliament famous for his Diary of the English Restoration period, dies at 70

Diarist Samuel Pepys
Samuel Pepys
  • Jun 14 Jean Herauld Gourville, French adventurer, dies at 77
  • Jun 15 Gillis Schey, Dutch admiral (battle at Lowestoft), dies at 58
  • Sep 20 Archibald Campbell, 1st Duke of Argyll, Scottish privy councillor, dies at 52
  • Sep 22 Vincenzo Viviani, Italian mathematician (Viviani's theorem), dies at 81
  • Sep 29 Charles de Saint-Évremond, French soldier who fled to exile in England and man of letters, dies at 90
  • Oct 3 Pieter van Wooden, Amersfoorts rebel leader, beheaded
  • Oct 3 Richard Saab, Amersfoorts rebel leader, beheaded
  • Oct 14 Thomas Hansen Kingo, Danish poet (b. 1634)

John Wallis

Oct 28 John Wallis, English mathematician and cryptographer who introduced ∞ as a symbol for infinity, dies at 86

Mathematician and Cryptographer John Wallis
Mathematician and Cryptographer
John Wallis
  • Nov 19 Man in the Iron Mask, prisoner in Bastille prison in Paris, dies
  • Nov 30 Nicolas de Grigny, French organist and composer, dies at 31
  • Dec 28 Mustafa II [Mustafa Oglu Mehmed IV], Ottoman Sultan (1695-1703), dies at 39