Famous People Who Died in July 1850

Robert PeelRobert Peel (1788-1850)

Jul 2 British Prime Minister (Tory/Conservative/Peelite: 1834-35; 1841-46), founder of the British Conservative Party and the modern police force (Bobbies), dies after falling from a horse at 62

  • Jul 4 William Kirby, English entomologist and original member of the Linnean Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society, dies at 90
  • Jul 8 Prince Adolphus, British fieldmarshall1st Duke of Cambridge, 7th son of George III (b. 1774)
  • Jul 9 Bab [Shirazi, Sayyid Ali Muhammad], Persian founder of Babism, executed by firing squad on orders of the Persian government at 30

Zachary TaylorZachary Taylor (1784-1850)

Jul 9 12th US President (1849-50) and major general in the Mexican–American War, dies in the White House of an unknown digestive ailment at 65 after reportedly consuming copious amounts of raw fruit and iced milk

  • Jul 12 Robert Stevenson, Scottish civil engineer (Bell Rock Lighthouse, Scotland), dies at 78
  • Jul 14 August Neander, German theologian (b. 1789)
  • Jul 19 Giovanni Ossoli, Italian marquis/revolutionary, drowned
  • Jul 19 Margaret Fuller [Ossoli], American feminist, activist and journalist (Women in the Nineteenth Century), dies in a shipwreck at 40
  • Jul 28 Stefano Pavesi, Italian composer, dies at 71